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For information about The Saint Jude Retreats, The Freedom Model for the Family or all our other program options, Call 888-424-2626 or (518) 842-2204 If you are calling internationally. Our consultants are here to talk with you 7 days a week: .

You can also reach us by Chat by clicking on the icon below and also by email by completing the form. All emails are answered within a few hours if submitted before 7:00 PM EST or you will receive a response early the next morning if submitted after 7:00 PM EST.

In the event you do not receive an answer to your email within the designated time frame, check your spam or junk folders, or please call us at 888-424-2626 as some email servers have been known to block certain email addresses if it doesn’t recognize them.  

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Our corporate offices are located at: 9 Market Street, Amsterdam, NY 12010
PLEASE NOTE: Because of privacy and confidentiality reasons the location of our retreat is not disclosed on our website. Our guest consultants can provide you with additional information when you call, but we will not, under any circumstances, disclose information about our guests without the guest’s written consent. 




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