Coping With A Heroin Addiction

Heroin Addiction Can Be Overcome At Freedom Model's

Coping With A Heroin AddictionCoping with a heroin addiction can be extremely difficult. If the person struggling is a family member or friend then there may be verbal and possible physical exchanges. Cutting the person out of your life is a common tactic used by many, but this can leave someone lonely, depressed and feeling hopeless. Many at this of desperation turn to the help of a drug rehab in hope it will fix the problem.

Recognizing the Addiction"

Heroin, also called smack and horse is an analgesic drug that is snorted, smoked and injected. Injecting heroin is the most common method use. The signs and symptoms of heroin use include confusion, restlessness, irritability and long periods of sleep, needle marks and scars from repeated injections, possible infectious areas from injections. Users can fatally overdose if they are repeatedly mixing high doses of heroin with other forms of illicit drugs or alcohol.

Users who inject heroin experience an initial warm euphoric feeling that is generally followed by heavy arms and legs, dry mouth, unclear judgment and memory lapse. Once the initial feeling subsides, the user goes through a period of being awake and drowsy. For excessive heroin users, there is a tolerance that will prevent them from achieving the euphoria unless they use more of the drug. In chronic heroin users, if they do not continue to use the drug, their body will begin to go through withdrawal. At this point many users will realize that they can no longer cope with a heroin addiction.

Withdrawal symptoms can be severe, immediate and include bone and muscle pain, involuntary kicking reflexes, stomach cramps, irregular sleeping patterns and nightmares, heavy sweating, allergies and restlessness, with the worst of the withdrawal symptoms appearing between the second and third day without the drug.

Heroin use is related to severely damaging health conditions. Collapsed veins, heart infections and disease, kidney disease and liver disease are all associated with heroin use. Heroin use can cause problems with respiratory and pulmonary systems. Heroin destroys brain function and promotes chemical imbalances that will affect behavior, mood, personality and emotions. Heroin users can suffer short and long term memory loss, permanent slurred speech and the inability to solve problems and make decisions. Heroin users who inject the drug can contract HIV and hepatitis.

Pregnant women who use heroin and can a spontaneous abortion. If the pregnancy is carried to term, the chances of there being complications such as low birth weight, defects, brain damage and heroin dependent are generally high.

Heroin Treatment and Methadone

Some users may seek treatment through 12 step drug programs or through clinics that substitute one drug, such as Methadone if they are coping with a heroin addiction. However, these programs have low success rates and advocate that the only measure of success is through abstinence. With regard to drug substitute clinics, success cannot be attained if the person is still taking a controlled substance.

Help for Heroin Use

Freedom Model Retreats is a non treatment program that rejects theory that heroin addiction is a disease. It is a choice that you ultimately are deciding to make. You were not born to be a Heroin user but you learned how to become one. We do not substitute other medicines for Heroin and we are not a step program. Our success is steeped in 20 years of helping people just like you beat their Heroin use through our education based program.

Our guests learn that they have the power to stop using Heroin and as they develop new thoughts and behaviors. As a result they develop a deeper sense of purpose, accomplishment and fulfillment. Our guests experience true compassion and respect and we help them see that their situations are fixable and that their lives are worth saving. If you or someone you know is experiencing Heroin use, call Freedom Model Retreats today and let us help you take back control of your life from Heroin once and for all!


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