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Nationally Acclaimed Program

The Retreats ProgramThe BBB (Better Business Bureau) rates Freedom Model Retreats as an A+ after nearly three decades of helping people. This is unheard of in the drug and alcohol program arena- it just never happens. Many alcohol and drug program researchers also endorse our program such the late Dr. Joseph Vacca, National Institute of Health Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School and Boston University Medical School, Dr. David Rudy, alcohol researcher and author of Becoming Alcoholic, Alcoholics Anonymous and the Reality of Alcoholism, and the late nationally syndicated radio talk show host and noted psychologist, Dr. Joy Browne. You do not get endorsements like these without building credibility first. Freedom Model built this reputation by making our guests and our results number one, and making the business model secondary to those first two goals.

Unparallel Program Training

All our Presenters are Certified Freedom Model Presenters. No other program can provide this level of credentialing, as it is proprietary to Freedom Model Retreats only: To gain this certification our Presenters must:

  • Participate in one year of intense alcohol and drug research training- they must understand the research behind The Freedom Model text.
  • Participate in thorough training on all aspects of the alcohol and drug treatment industry, history of alcohol and drug use patterns, and a comprehensive cultural "addictions" study.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of certain scientific as well as societal aspects of "addiction" that have been proven to be effective and informative to our guests over the past 3 decades.
  • Become versed in the science of Neuroplasticity and its effects on the brain and behavior.
  • Attend 3 to 6 Months of observed Freedom Model guest instruction.
  • Have 3 to 6 month overall probationary period of student teaching experience with management's observation.
  • Attend both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, as well as other 12-step support groups, to have a thorough understanding of the inconsistencies and religious and cult like aspects of those methodologies. (This is vital to understand what our "treatment wise" guests have gone through prior to attending our non 12-step, non disease based methodology.)
  • Be rated by the Director of Education on public speaking and other presentational skills.
  • Be competent in differentiated teaching skills.
  • Attend Freedom Model continuing education courses to remain fluent in current independent alcohol and drug research.
  • Participate in the BRI Management Training Program.
  • Show the social capabilities and instincts to lead a class and effectively handle issues common to this particular population.

What does it mean to be a Freedom Model Certified Presenter?

Freedom Model Certification, an accreditation that is the gold standard in substance use program education.

  • Freedom Model Presenters are only available at the Freedom Model Retreats.
  • The Freedom Model's research roots go back as far as 1985 and has been developed over 20 years been further refined over the past 3 decades by the non-profit Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. and the Freedom Model Retreats. This team includes Mr. Gerald Brown, Mr. Mark Scheeren, Mr. Steven Slate, and Ms. Michelle Dunbar. They changed the drug and alcohol treatment industry forever through their forward thinking and logical approach to substance use issues. They continue to be a positive force for change.
  • While other facilities try to create programs based on models that were originally created in the mental health field, (such as group therapy, counseling, etc.) CBL was created in an environment of helping people with substance use issues first, making this the most effective method for those who struggle with alcohol and drug problems.
  • The Freedom Model has proven to be effective with those who also suffer needlessly with anxiety and depression. Freedom Model Certified Presenters can help with all of these problems through our educational, residential, distance learning and home-based programs. If an individual has mental health issues that are beyond the scope of an educational process, those guests can request therapy from an outside licensed professional therapist, as the Freedom Model Retreats do not provide medical treatment of any kind.
  • In short, Freedom Model Certification is the most stringent certification process in the industry resulting in the most effective method of teaching substance users, including those with depression and anxiety problems, how to live productive alcohol and drug free lives.

The Freedom Model Retreats are regulated by the Department of Health and Attorney General Bureau of Charities. We are a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 organization. Our Directors, Assistant Directors and Presenters come from a variety of professional backgrounds including education, administration and mental health to name a few. The Freedom Model Retreats are not medical facilities and The Freedom Model is a social/educational program not a medical treatment program. As such, the Freedom Model Retreats do not provide services that require licensure by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services. All medical appointments are administered by licensed professionals off site, and transportation to and from these appointments is provided.

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