Danny Wike

Senior Director of Community Relations


Danny Wike

Sr. Director of Community Relations

After 35 years of struggling with addiction, in and out of AA, as well as a 10-month inpatient rehab, it wasn’t until Danny found out about The Freedom Model and Saint Jude Retreats that he was able to move on.  It was such an eye-opening experience for him and as a result he has dedicated himself to sharing it with others, so they don’t have to stay stuck in the Treatment and Recovery. 

Danny’s background is in advertising and community relations. His work focused on bringing neighborhood stories directly to the community through community specific publications. His  experience in strengthening communities and bringing like-minded people together has proven valuable to Saint Jude’s mission to change the way in which those struggling with addiction are helped. His compassion , professionalism, and desire to expand The Freedom Model’s approach have helped broaden the awareness of The Freedom Model throughout the country.

If you would like to contact Danny and discuss possibly options in which The Freedom Model can help you in your community as well, you can reach him directly at 864-477-9866 or email him at dwike@thefreedommodel.org 




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