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Freedom Model Retreats Detox Partners: Gallus Detoxification Center

Why do you work with Gallus Detox Centers?

After 22 years of helping people throughout the world find solutions to alcohol and drug problems, as well as working with dozens of detox providers nationwide, the Freedom Model Retreat's have partnered with Gallus Detox Centers, the nation's most medically effective, compassionate and service oriented detox clinics in the nation. Dr. Patrick Gallus and his team of professional clinicians produce the proper balance of extreme comfort, kindness, credentials, and methodology to be able to be selected as Freedom Model only detoxification provider.

How the Gallus Detox Centers differ from all other detox clinics in the nation?


  • Exclusive Proven Intravenous Medication Therapy w/ Proprietary Medical Protocols
  • Only Private, Single Rooms
  • Board certified physicians with extensive critical care backgrounds and registered nurses with ICU and emergency room experience
  • Private, Exclusive, Home-like Atmosphere
  • Affordable
  • Proprietary Medical Model Provides High Levels of Comfort during Detox Process
  • Treated with Absolute Dignity and Care
  • 24/7 video and cardiac monitoring for advanced patient safety


  • Unreliable Oral Medication Therapy and Non-Medical Processes
  • Double, and/or Multiple Beds per Room
  • Physicians with inadequate critical care skills are the norm as well as nurse practitioners with no critical care skills
  • Lock Down and/or Psych Institutional Setting
  • Questionable Cost Considering Low Levels of Care
  • Substandard Medical and/or Non-Medical Care Provided
  • Mistreatment is common in most detoxes
  • The Average Detox Center has No Active Medical Monitoring
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We are honored to introduce you to Dr. Patrick Gallus and his team of detoxification experts.

"As a board certified emergency medicine physician with 15 years of experience, I've personally witnessed the failed system of the detox industry. To us, at Gallus Detox, detoxification is an obvious medical condition, but until Gallus Detox, it was handled primarily in the psychiatric arena. We feel this is cruel, unsafe and unnecessary. I personally decided this industry was in need of a major change of direction. I saw no reason for individuals to be treated with this low level of care, by substandard practitioners. We would be honored to serve you or your loved one at one of our leading edge facilities, and look forward to helping you achieve an alcohol or drug free life."

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