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Southwest Alcohol Detox and Drug Detox

Freedom Model's and Gallus Detox

If you are in need of Alcohol Detoxification or Opiate Detoxification Services, (or other Drug Detoxification Services) the Freedom Model Retreats can help you find the Detox Facility to meet your needs.

Over the last 22 years, The Freedom Model Retreats have surveyed hundreds of detox facilities throughout the country with the goal of finding the best detoxes to refer our guests. We refer our guests to only those detox facilities that are rated high by the patients who have used their services. Based on this research, our pick for the best Soutwestern United States Detox Facility is the Gallus Detox Center. To know more about their world renowned detox program, read below or call toll free 1-888-424-2626.


Years ago, Dr. Gallus became deeply concerned while observing the out-dated and even dangerous methods being used routinely within detox facilities throughout the country. While studying this problem at length, he witnessed non-mentally ill substance users being treated for detox in psychiatric facilities alongside those with serious mental illnesses. This mixed-bag approach seemed unfair and not conducive to a positive detox experience. Other protocols such as using outdated oral medications, doctors making misinformed claims of dangerous rapid detox processes, and inexperienced nursing staffs, made him realize that there was serious room for improvement in the detox arena. Dr. Gallus also had serious concerns about the non-utilization of full cardiac and video monitoring during this potentially dangerous process. "It was time for a change, so I founded the Gallus Detox Center as an answer to all of these detox standard deficiencies. People can now detoxify in comfort, safety and with total dignity." Dr. Gallus tells Freedom Model's.

Gallus Detox Center concentrates on treating every patient as a person with individual needs, individual emotions, and varying degrees of substances use, and outside concerns. The basis of this proven method is to treat each individual safely, with respect and dignity and in a timely manner. As you can see from the photos below, Gallus Detox Center provides you a physically safe and emotionally hopeful environment (unlike the typical, cold hospital settings of other detox facilities) to continue onto the next phase of rebuilding your life. Their treatment is based on many factors that change constantly as the individual detoxes. This detox facility is proud of their ability to adapt to the specific changes patients go through on a moment's notice while detoxing. Claiming to operate a world class detox facility is a bold statement. Yet, Gallus Detox Center's staff stand by this statement not through words, but rather through their actions, protocols, experience, beautiful facility, and their high level of credentials.

"It is my hope that you find a long term solution to your substance use issues, and that Gallus Detox Center becomes the first step in creating that new lifestyle". Dr. Patrick Gallus

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