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Do I Need An Accredited Program For Detox?

What Is The Best Detox For Me?

Deciding to go into detox is one of the most important decisions that you will make and it is equally important that you choose to go into an accredited and licensed detoxification center that will give you a positive experience so that you will complete the detox program.

Traditional detox centers can appear cold and uninviting, cramming as many people in as they can legally fit and treating patients poorly and more like a number than a person in need. Many traditional detox centers use oral medication therapy that is unreliable and in some cases dangerous; while many holistic and alternative detox centers use questionable and dangerous nonmedical procedures, such as sweat lodges and saunas. Many alternative detox centers provide no medical care or monitoring whatsoever and their staff has minimal or no credentials to support the type of services they are providing. Withdrawal from alcohol and some other drugs can be fatal if not addressed properly. The nature of detoxification requires that staff be trained in critical care skills.

Traditional detox centers pack as many patients into rooms as possible, with most in doubles, quads or dormitories. There is no personal care given to each individual patient and no privacy at all. Most of the time, patients are put on lock down status, or worse yet, housed in the Psychiatric ward of hospitals in an institutional style setting. Entering detox for many people is a very difficult decision. Many have experienced being stripped of all their dignity, as well as their personal items. They are expected to go it alone with little or no support, and are prohibited from communicating with family and friends. These are the reasons many substance users never seek help. The price you pay for traditional detox is considerably high when you account for the extremely low level of care given. Detox can be scary and suffering through the traditional method of detox alone can be terrifying. However it does not have to be and there is a better way to detox.

What Kind Of Service Will I Receive In An Accredited Detox Center?

Gallus Detox Centers are private facilities, offering a spa like environment in which to detoxify and they are an accredited and licensed detoxification center. At Gallus Detox Center you will receive individual care in the privacy of your own room.

Your detox experience at Gallus will begin with a full health screening including an evaluation of your physical, social and psychological well being. Next, your detox team of board certified physicians and registered nurses will develop a detox plan specifically designed for you. Gallus physicians are highly skilled with extensive critical care backgrounds and their registered nurses are experienced in ICU and emergency room care.

The Gallus Method relies on an exclusive program using intravenous (IV) medication therapy, including the use of proprietary medical protocols. IV therapy is essential because it allows doctors to change the medication on a moment's notice for an immediate effect. As your withdrawal symptoms change, your medication will change, which will keep you comfortable. Your care will be monitored around the clock with cardiac and video technology monitoring ensuring your safety at all times.

Maintaining your dignity and privacy is especially important to Gallus. You will detoxify in a private, well appointed room, equipped with HDTV and wireless internet. Gallus encourages outside communication with friends and family to give extra support as you go through the detox process. Massage therapy will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed, and Gallus is the only facility in the United States that serves their patients gourmet meals rather than mass produced institutional food.

When you have completed detox, you may need a program to help you rebuild your life. Freedom Model Retreats can help you through their proprietary Cognitive Behavioral Learning program. Guests at Freedom Model Retreats discover the strength they need to have long term success without substance use permanently.

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