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Can I Afford Drug Detox

What Types Of Affordable Drug Detox Clinics Are Out There?

Drug use can have a devastating effect on your relationships, career, health and finances. Deciding to get help for your drug use is one of the most important decisions you will make and it is a step closer to reclaiming and rebuilding your life. There are a number of affordable drug detox clinics or programs that can help you start fresh.

All drug users do not need a detox clinic or program; it will depend on the type of drug or drugs you have been taking, how long you have been using and the amount of drugs you have been using. If you do not need to detoxify, then perhaps a residential drug and alcohol program is more appropriate for you. You should consult with a physician to see if you need medical detox.

There are different types of programs for detox: inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient detoxification is a program in which you live as a resident while you go through the detox process. An outpatient program allows you to go to a clinic and receive medication, or a doctor prescribes medication that you take and detoxify at home.

The philosophy of the facility should be a factor in finding the right affordable drug detox clinic or program. Traditional detox centers are located in hospitals or institutions, with the detox services in the psychiatric ward or on lock down in isolation. They are usually restrictive and do now allow outside contact and some of their practices have been seen as questionable. For many individuals, this type of detox treatment is so uncomfortable that they walk out of detox before the process is complete.

Most traditional detoxification centers follow the false idea that drug use is a disease, that you have an addiction gene and that you are powerless in your effort to stop using. This philosophy removes any hope that you can have a life without drug use. You will find many of these types of detox centers at a very low cost; however, they promote a revolving door philosophy. There is a better way.

What Is The Best Affordable Option For You?

It is widely accepted and understood that the more comfortable you are throughout the detox process, the more likely you are to stay and complete the process. If you receive detox in a facility that offers private rooms, treats you with respect and dignity and keeps you comfortable throughout the process; chances are you will stay and complete the detox.

Doctors agree that IV therapy medical detox is the best, most effective method to detoxify. IV therapy allows doctors to adjust the medication as you experience withdrawal symptoms and keeps you comfortable. You will go through the process quickly, safely and more effectively, while receiving 24/7 care.

Paying for drug detox is a problem for many individuals. When you find a program that is right for you, check with them to see what affordable options they have for detox. Some centers offer a fee that is on a sliding scale based on your financial need or they offer scholarships to help offset the cost of the service. Many have private financing to help as well.

After detox it may be necessary for you to enter a program that can help you rebuild your life. Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that teaches guests how to use self assessment and self change to reevaluate their decisions and refocus their lives. Our guests learn that by making choices that are more positive, reinforcing them with habits and behaviors that are more in line with their goals, they are able to achieve long term success in a life that is free from drug use problems.

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