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Alabama DetoxLocated in the Southern part of the United States, Alabama has a growing problem with drug and alcohol use throughout the state. If you are looking for an Alabama Drug and Alcohol Detox, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)Treatment Locator data currently shows that there are 21 different facilities for detoxification throughout the state. Of those 21, 13 are specific to Methadone Detox purposes.

It is important to fully research a Methadone Detox Treatment Center before entering a detox program. According to a 2009 SAMSHA report on detoxification discharges in ages 12 and up in Alabama, there were 48 reported cases of detox treatment discharges. Of the 48 reported, 44 completed, 1 transferred, and 3 dropped out. In 2007 no date was reported to SAMSHA from drug and alcohol detox programs in Alabama.

Alcohol and Drug use has caused many people to seek treatment in Alabama. Some are court ordered or mandated, others enter at their own free will and some are advised to attend by their loved ones. According to a 2010 report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration there were 21,678 admissions to treatment for either drug and or alcohol use. Of that total, 7,277 checked into admissions for alcohol with a secondary drug. Marijuana was the second highest number at admission with 6,214. Inhalants coming in last with only 4 admissions. Also in 2010 67.9% of treatment admissions in ages 12 and up were men, women 32.1%. According to SAMSHA, in 2010 the highest age population who attended treatment was 25 to 19 years old making up 17.8% of people who attended treatment. Of that age group, 29.4% checked in at admissions for heroin use.

In the matters of court mandated alcohol or drug rehab, Alabama does enforce Mandatory Alcohol Education and Alcohol Assessment Treatment after the first DUI offense.

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