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Alcohol Detox New Jersey

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Types Of Detox In NJ?

Alcohol Detox New JerseyAs the national percentage of excessive alcohol users continues to rise, New Jersey has also seen an increase in alcohol use with binge drinking reaching an all time high according to studies conducted by the state. Excessive alcohol use can not only be detrimental to health, but can also damage relationships, end careers and result in financial ruin. Many detox programs available to alcohol users uphold the notion that alcohol use is a disease and that there is no cure, only lifelong treatment. The fact is that you do have a choice not to use alcohol and you are not diseased.

Deciding to enter alcohol detox in New Jersey is a step closer to having a life that is free from alcohol use. There are a number of programs available in New Jersey including outpatient, inpatient and medical and nonmedical. Alcohol detox is the process of removing the toxins that have built up in your system from excessive continuous alcohol use. Withdrawal symptoms can be very severe and include nausea and vomiting, sweating, anxiety and irritability. Delirium tremens or the DTs are another withdrawal symptom that can occur during alcohol detox. If the DTs are not appropriately treated, the individual may suffer seizures and in the most severe cases, death.

Outpatient medical alcohol detox uses medication, for example Naltrexone, Antabuse and Ativan to transition individuals from chronic alcohol use to abstinence. Naltrexone is a replacement therapy drug used for alcohol detox in New Jersey, while Antabuse is used to deter a person from using alcohol because it causes the drinker to become violently ill when alcohol is ingested. Ativan is a benzodiapine used to alleviate anxiety and prevent seizures. Outpatient detox for alcohol is not recommended for those who are severely alcohol dependent. Mixing these medications with alcohol can cause severe medical complications and even death.

Inpatient medical alcohol detox is the best method to safely and effectively detox. IV therapy medical detox is the most recommended method. IV therapy allows physicians to make changes to the alcohol detox protocol. As you experience withdrawal, the medication is adjusted to keep you comfortable, and also to bring relief to withdrawal symptoms.

Once you have successfully completed alcohol detox, you may consider enrolling in a program that can help you put your life back together. Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learningal program that helps guests to harness the innate strength and ability to take control of their life from alcohol use problems. Guests learn to self evaluate and build more productive habits and behaviors that lead them to make different decisions regarding alcohol use. Our guests go on to achieve lifelong success without alcohol use.

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