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Alcohol Detox Before Rehab

Statistics show that 50 percent of the population in the U.S. uses alcohol and at least 20 million people in the U.S. struggles with alcohol overuse. When you are ready to get help for your alcohol use you may need an alcohol detox program to remove alcohol from your system and an after detox program to develop new lifestyle choices. Alcohol detox and rehab however, do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Detox for Alcohol Use

Detox for alcohol use may be the first step to overcoming physical dependency. The detoxification process will cleanse the system of the toxic elements that are in the body as a result of alcohol use. Since it is not uncommon for alcohol users to also use drugs, any toxins from drug use will also be eliminated. It is essential to your long term success that the detox program is capable and effective and also that the care is comfortable.

Detox Centers for Alcohol Use

Detox centers for alcohol use provide a place for individuals to stay and to receive the cleansing process of eliminating from their systems the toxins caused from alcohol and drug use. Detox treatment should be delivered under the supervision and care of a medical staff, as some of the withdrawal symptoms can be quite painful and life threatening. Medically supervised detox keeps the patient comfortable and helps to relieve any anxiety they may feel as they are ready to begin the process of establishing new habits and behaviors after the detox process is complete.

After the Detoxification

A post detox program can be an important step for long term success from alcohol dependency. Group therapy, talk therapy, family counseling, meditation, and lifestyle coaching are all used in programs after detox is complete, however, only educational programs have been proven to be successful with this demographic. An educational program increases the individual's chances of long term success. Sometimes a certain center will suggest that you need alcohol detox and rehab to overcome an alcohol problem, but it is ultimately your choice regarding what program to attend.

After Detox Programs for Alcohol Use

The purpose of a program after detox, is to help the individual rebuild their lives. A 12 Step program is one type of program and stipulates individuals that are seeking their assistance to attend group meetings and counseling for the rest of their lives. However this approach actually lowers success, it does not help those who need it most. Freedom Model Retreats is the only true alternative to 12 Step meetings that will show you how changing lifestyle habits and behaviors can break the alcohol cycle in your life.

Now that you have decided to make a change and get help with your alcohol use, it might be important that you seek alcohol detox from the right center that will give you the proper care during your detoxification. When your alcohol detox is complete, it may be important that you continue with a program that will help you achieve success over your alcohol troubles. Freedom Model Retreats can help you gain a new sense of freedom, life satisfaction and personal purpose.

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