Is Alcohol Or Drug Treatment Necessary After Detox?

Treatment After Detox

A Program After Detox

Detox will eliminate the toxic chemicals that are in your system as a result of your drug and/or alcohol use, but many people want to know is alcohol or drug treatment necessary after detox.

Alcohol or drug treatment or a rehab program may include counseling or guidance, but does not always include medical treatment. There are a wide variety of programs, each with its own benefits; however the majority of alcohol or drug treatment programs incorporate a 12 step program.

What Are 12 Step programs?

12 step programs promote the belief that alcohol and drug use are a disease and that no matter how hard you try, you will relapse and you are forever powerless. 12 step programs teach that you inherited your addiction from your family through an addictive or alcoholic gene. These programs stress that the only treatment available for your substance use is abstinence, belief in a higher power and meetings for the rest of your life. Meetings are a requirement for 12 step program members and are often times places where people ruminate on their past failures and complain about their current problems.

While more than two million individuals enroll in 12 step programs, there is a 95 percent dropout rate at the end of one year, with most former members stating the lack of success as the common reason for leaving the program.

In addition to 12 step programs, there are programs that promote wellness of the mind, body and spirit. Holistic programs use yoga, meditation therapy, vitamin therapy and acupuncture to help clients cope with stress and to avoid drugs and alcohol. Holistic programs may work for some individuals, but they are not for everyone.

Freedom Model's Can Help You Move Past Substance Use

If a 12 step plan or meditation therapy is not what you are looking for, Freedom Model Retreats offers a non-treatment program that can help you to make permanent lifestyle changes after detox. Freedom Model Retreats does not promote the erroneous theory that alcohol and drug use is an incurable brain disease. Despite several decades of research costing billions of dollars, no gene for addiction or alcoholism has ever been identified. Freedom Model Retreats teaches the truth, that substance use is a choice. Feelings of powerlessness are caused by repetitive thoughts and actions using substances. You built a habit, and like all habits you have the power to change it.

Freedom Model Retreats offers an educational cognitive behavioral program that teaches self assessment and self-directed behavioral change to our guests. Our guests identify problematic thought and behavior patterns and then begin to change themselves from the inside out. They begin to make choices and decisions that are more productive and develop habits and behaviors that are positive and enriching. Guests at Freedom Model Retreats are empowered to make permanent life changes. As they implement their plan of action they build self confidence and self esteem and realize they can overcome their substance use problems once and for all.

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