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Learn What Bath Salts Truly Are

Bath Salts Detox TreatmentBath Salts (not the kind you actually bathe in like Epsom Salt or Calgon), have become a deadly, yet increasingly popular drug in the United States. These street drugs are legally sold in corner markets and truck stops across the U.S. and although some states have banned the drug, they are still available.

What are Bath Salts?

Similar to Cocaine, Bath Salts come in small packs of white or off-white to yellowish powder. Also known as Vanilla Sky, Bliss, White Knight, Ivory Wave, Purple Wave or Hurricane Charlie, the designer drug consists of the synthetic stimulants methylone, mephedrone and MDPV. The makers of the drug label it not for human consumption and call it bath salts because it is a way to get around the law and sell the drug legally. Many people turn to Bath Salts Detox Treatment to help them overcome the drug once they have realized their habitual use.

Signs and Symptoms of Bath Salts Use

The danger in taking Bath Salts is that the side effects are physically and mentally damaging and there is a high potential for being toxic to the system. The medical field and poison control have seen a significant increase in the number of people suffering from the side effects of using Bath Salts. Bath Salts can be injected into the vein, snorted, mixed in foods or drinks or smoked. Individuals who have used the drug claim that the feeling they get is so powerful that they crave the drug.

Extreme psychosis resulting in suicide is a possible side effect from Bath Salts use. Delusions, paranoia and hallucinations which have led to horrendous acts of violence, agitation, muscle damage, chest pains, high blood pressure, kidney failure, aggression and death have all been reported side effects from using Bath Salts.

Medical Detox from Bath Salts Use

While there are no actual withdrawal symptoms associated with the use of bath salts, Bath Salts detoxification is available as an outpatient or inpatient. An outpatient medical detox allows the individual to check in at the doctor's office or clinic to receive medication to take while they detox at home. This type of detox is convenient if the individual wants to continue their job, school or take care of their family. Inpatient medical detox is a little different in that it is offered in a hospital setting or a private clinic. Patients who detox from bath salts in a hospital are usually kept in lockdown or a psychiatric unit. Many patients complain that the medication used in traditional hospital detox does not control their perceived withdrawal symptoms and as a result many have walked out before the detox was complete.

IV therapy medical Bath Salts Detox Treatment is seen by many professionals as a safer and more effective method of detox because it uses intravenous therapy throughout the process. IV therapy is important because it allows the medication to be changed as symptoms change which keeps the patient comfortable and able to complete the detox.

After you have completed your Bath Salts detox, you are encouraged to enroll in a program that will help you rebuild your life free of Bath Salts use. Freedom Model Retreats offers a program that will help you change the habits that led to your choosing to use drugs and replace them with behaviors that will lead to your long term success.

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