What Is The Best Alcohol Detox Center?

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Finding The Best Alcohol Detox Center

You have decided to get help for your alcohol use and want to know, what is the best alcohol detox center? There are several options available to you for assistance with your alcohol use. You can go to a traditional alcohol detox center, nonmedical detox or you can get help through an alternative medical detox center. The best alcohol detox center is the one that will help you detox safely and effectively while keeping you comfortable.

Obviously, the best alcohol detox center, as seen by medical professionals is licensed and accredited. In order to be successful in the program and complete detox, you need to be able to have confidence in the center that is providing the detoxification. One would hope that a highly accredited center will treat patients with respect and dignity and not just another number, but that is not always the case.

Traditional detox centers can often appear cold, unfriendly, and sterile. Their number one priority is filling beds and in most there are multiple beds in each room. Traditional centers do not offer a lot of hands on medical care. Treatment is rarely monitored. Oral medications are given at a specific time, and then the patient is left to detox on their own. Much of the time patients are kept on lock down status, or in psych units in hospitals or institutions.

Non Medical VS Medical Detox

Nonmedical detox is usually includes some or all of the following: vitamins, sauna, hypnotherapy, guided meditation, yoga and acupuncture. While some people report great success with these methods, for those suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms of alcohol dependency they may not be safe.

IV therapy medical detox is seen as the best alcohol detox method available. Intravenous therapy has been viewed by health care professionals as being a safe and effective detox method and makes it possible to change the medication for immediate relief from even the most severe symptoms. This allows the patient's withdrawal symptoms to be met and the patient to be kept comfortable.

Comfort is crucial to successfully completing detox. Traditional detox centers cram as many people into their program as they can fit. Rooms are overcrowded and there is no privacy; whereas a private center provides a private room for each patient and patients are treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Lastly, the best alcohol detox center will not serve hospital or institution food, but will serve delicious, as well as nutritious meals prepared by professional chefs. All of this allows for a successful detoxification and studies show that individuals who are successful in completing detox are more likely to be able to continue their sobriety than individuals who do not complete detox.

Once your detox is complete, it is recommended to enroll in a program that can help you to rebuild our life without alcohol. Freedom Model Retreats offers a six week Cognitive Behavioral Learning program guides guests through a process of self evaluation and self-directed change. Guests reevaluate their thoughts, choices and behaviors and replace counterproductive ones with thoughts and behaviors that are more in line with their goals. Guests empowered to build a life that is permanently free from alcohol use problems.

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