Best Alcohol Detox Treatment Program

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The Many Different Approaches To Alcohol Detox

There are a number of different approaches available that are considered to be alcohol detox including medical detox and non-medical detox. The right alcohol detox program for you is the one that will allow you a safe and effective detoxification, while managing your withdrawal symptoms and maintaining your level of comfort. Alcohol dependency can have a significant physical impact on your health as you go through withdrawal symptoms that are painful and without medical supervision, dangerous. Medical supervision is best provided in a facility where you can stay for several days, or perhaps longer if needed, and under the care of a medical doctor and registered nurse. If you are getting top notch care, you will know that you're in the best alcohol detox treatment program.

Discovering the Best Alcohol Detox Program

The truth about alcohol detox is that the more comfortable you are through the process, the more likely you are stay in the clinic to complete the process. Even though some programs consider themselves the best alcohol detox treatment program, does not mean that their services are above average. Consider the living accommodations of the detox program before committing. If the facility offers dormitory style rooms with four or more patients per room, or even double or quad style rooms, the lack of privacy may create a feeling of discomfort. Perhaps a facility that features completely private rooms may be more appropriate for you.

Some alcohol detox programs restrict the patient's external contact, prohibiting phone calls and visits. Some facilities treat phone and TV viewing as privileges that you earn, which in all common sense estimates is a seen as low level care. In private detox programs it is not unusual to have a TV in your room, to also have access to the internet and to be allowed to call your family and friends. For your success, it is important that your detox is in a facility that supports your ability to have contact with the outside world.

Considering an alcohol detox program does not mean that you are restricted to facilities that are located in your area. Many private facilities provide transportation, both ground and air, to and from the center and may even provide you with a chaperone if needed.

Medical Detox or Non-Medical Detox

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be very painful and scary. While some detox programs offer vitamin and meditation therapy or group meetings, you will have to consider if those types of detox programs are right for you and whether or not other facilities will be able to help you if you suffer life threatening symptoms. If peace of mind in the quality of care you are receiving is important to you, then perhaps a medical detox program in a facility that is staffed by physicians and nurses with round the clock care is better for you.

Cost of the Right Detox Program

If alcohol detox has been something you have started and stopped many times before, or even just once before, consider your reasons for walking away before you completed the program. Your reasons for quitting in the past, or not following through could be related to the surroundings, terrible food, being cut off from the world or even pain and suffering through withdrawal symptoms that were not addressed. Consider the cost of a private facility, where you will be cared for round the clock, in a private room, with culinary dishes and as much interaction with the outside world as you like; as an investment in your life without alcohol and/or drugs. If you have already spent money on detox that didn't work, consider investing in one that will.

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