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There are a number of different detox options available that are both nonmedical and medical detox. The best detox center in the Northeast is the one that will allow you to effectively and safely detoxify, while at the same time managing your withdrawal symptoms and keep you comfortable. Most doctors agree that an inpatient program is best because it allows the patient to rest and recuperate during the detox process.

Studies show that the more comfortable you are through the detox process, the more likely you are to stay in the center to complete the detox. Living accommodations in the detox center are important. If the detox center has dorm style rooms with multiple beds, the lack of privacy may not be comfortable for you. Traditional detox centers have been known to keep their patients in lockdown or to put them in institutional settings, which may add to the anxiety of patients. The best detox center will offer private rooms for their patients.

Depending on the type of substance used, detox withdrawal can be painful. Withdrawal symptoms may include psychological and physical symptoms including irritability and anxiety, depression, nausea and vomiting, headaches, fatigue, body aches and seizures. Alcohol withdrawal may also include the DTs for some individuals.

The method of detox can have a significant impact on the patient's sense of well being and whether or not they complete detox. Some individuals seeking detox may have a preference for a more holistic and natural approach. Those individuals may find relief in nonmedical detox centers that offer yoga, acupuncture and vitamin and meditation therapy as alternative solutions to detox.

Others may prefer a medical approach which will help them get through the withdrawal process with the use of medication. Traditional approaches to medical detox have seen the use of medications that were unreliable and offered little comfort for the patient. Doctors agree that intravenous IV therapy medical detox is a better approach because it allows the medication to be adjusted as the withdrawal symptoms change throughout the detox process.

Some traditional detox centers provide minimal medical supervision for their patients. And in some cases patients have been left to detox on their own. In IV therapy medical detox patients are monitored 24/7. Doctors and nurses carefully watch the patient's progress with the aid of video technology and cardiac telemetry. In traditional detox centers in the Northeast the staff may have inadequate or minimal qualifications, whereas in IV therapy medical detox, physicians are board certified and highly specialized in critical care and registered nurses are skilled in ICU and emergency room care. When you consider all your options, many doctors agree that the best detox center in the northeast is a center that provides IV therapy medical detox.

As you successfully complete your detox, you may find it necessary to enter a program that can help you continue your success. Freedom Model Retreats offers an educational cognitive behavioral non-treatment program that helps guests implement self-directed lifestyle change. Guests learn how to reevaluate their choices and to change habits and behavior for more positive and productive habits and behaviors which result in a more purposeful life that is permanently free from substance use.

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