What is the best drug detox center?

Options For Drug Detox

Safe Methods Of Detox

While there are many options available to you for drug detox including the traditional approach to drug detox and nonmedical models as well, if you want to know "what is the best drug detox center", the answer is a center that offers a safe and effective method of detox and places patient comfort and well-being first.

Doctors agree that not all drugs require medical detox. Some types of drugs have minimal withdrawal symptoms, while others have withdrawal symptoms that are painful and if not treated appropriately can be fatal. If you are unsure as to whether or not you need detox, you should consult with your doctor.

Non medical detox centers use saunas, acupuncture, yoga, vitamin therapy and meditation therapy to treat the symptoms experienced during withdrawal. While some patients report success using these methods, they do not work for all patients, and can be dangerous to those in need of real medical care. The effectiveness of these methods really depends on the amount of drug used, the length of time for drug use and the types of drugs used.

The methods used for controlling withdrawal symptoms in traditional hospital settings are seen as minimally effective as many patients complain about the discomfort. However, IV therapy administers medication intravenously which allows the medication to be changed as the withdrawal symptoms change which keeps the patient comfortable.

Staying Comfortable In Drug Detox

Patients who are comfortable throughout their drug detox program are more likely to stay and successfully complete the detox process. Patients who receive drug detox in the dorm like surroundings with multiple people in the room with them, where there is no privacy have little to no comfort in their detox program. Studies show that many patients walk out of these detox centers never to return. However, patients who receive drug detox in an upscale, private center, with a private room and round the clock care are more likely to finish the program and are also more likely to be successful and typically the best drug detox centers.

Traditional detox centers restrict the amount of contact the patient has with the outside world during detox. This practice isolates the patients from the support of family and friends, in most cases leaving them with feelings of depression, loneliness and desolation. Patients in these traditional detox centers are not allowed any personal belongings. In a private facility, patients are encouraged to communicate with friends and family and patient's have access to their personal laptop and cell phone.

Traditional detox centers typically offer no amenities and serve institutional food that is bland. In a private center, patients are nourished with gourmet meals that are personally prepared by a chef, as well as other luxury amenities such as massage therapy and use of a hot tub which leaves them feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Once you have successfully completed detox, it may be necessary for you to enroll in a program that can help you make lasting lifestyle changes. Freedom Model Retreats offers a six week Cognitive Behavioral Learning program is a process of identifying counterproductive thought and behavior patterns so as to replace them with new habits and behaviors that are positive and enhancing to their life.

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