Codeine Detox Treatment

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Detoxing From Codeine

Codeine Detox TreatmentCodeine has become one of the easier prescription drugs to get; is prone to physical dependency and is often used recreationally. Prolonged use may have a debilitating effect on the health of the individual taking Codeine.

What is Codeine?

Codeine is a prescription narcotic and part of the opiate family. Codeine is used as a pain killer, it is used to treat chronic diarrhea and as a cough suppressant. Codeine binds the receptors in the brain that are responsible for sending pain throughout the brain and body. Besides the capacity to diminish pain, codeine also causes drowsiness and lowers breathing. Codeine gives the user a sense of euphoria as well as a calming and feeling of contentment. As breathing begins to decrease, it may cause severe health problems for the individual, even death.

Signs and Symptoms of Codeine Use

Individuals who take Codeine have the high feeling of pleasure and contentment making the drug very appealing to people. Recreational use is dangerous as a physical dependency may develop quickly as well as tolerance. Individuals end up taking more and more of the drug to reach the level of high they had before until overdose or death. Misuse of Codeine may cause liver or kidney failure and internal hemorrhaging.

Side effects from Codeine use are nausea and vomiting, shallow breathing, confusion, agitation, itching and dry mouth, seizures and depression. Some individuals may be allergic to Codeine or similar drugs in the opiate family, and could break out in rashes, hives, swelling of face, tongue, throat and lips. Codeine should not be taken with alcohol and it should not be taken with other narcotic pain killers, tranquilizers or sedatives.

Medical Detox from Codeine Use

When you have made the decision to detox from Codeine use, IV therapy medical detox, has been reviewed by medical professionals as being one of the safest detoxification processes. Withdrawal symptoms from Codeine may be painful and uncomfortable and include fever, insomnia, sweating, vomiting, dehydration, stomach cramps and muscle pain. Any Codeine Detox Treatment Center you enter should begin your detox with a specific medical treatment protocol that is based on an in depth assessment of your psychological, social and physical well being. An IV is used so that medication may be given on a minute by minute basis to aid in the safe treatment of withdrawal symptoms.

IV therapy medical detox care is given by highly trained critical care physicians and registered nurses and technicians should be monitoring your progress by video technology and cardiac telemetry to ensure that your progress is safe and effective.

It may be necessary for you to enroll in an after detox program to aid you in going forward without Codeine use. Freedom Model Retreats can help you with their education based program. Guests learn that their drug use is a choice and they have the ability to choice not to use drugs forever.

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