Cost of Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

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Affording A Drug or Alcohol Detox Center

Paying for detox is sometimes one of the obstacles that prevent individuals from being able to get the help they need. If you do not have insurance, or are concerned that you do not have the money to cover the cost of a drug and alcohol detox center there are other options that may make paying for drug and alcohol detox possible.

The overall cost of drug and alcohol detox depends on the type of detox. Nonmedical vitamin therapy detox is slightly more than acupuncture but less than yoga and meditation therapy. Traditional inpatient medical detox facilities house patients in hospitals or institutions and offer oral medication for detox, but oftentimes cost less than a private detox facility. In some cases hospital detox programs are available for patients with medicare and Medicaid. And some are located in religious hospitals that offer indigent care.

Drug and alcohol detox is generally less expensive than 30 – 90 days as an inpatient in a treatment center or rehab facility because most detox programs last from three to ten days. If you have insurance, most insurance policies will pay at least a portion of the cost of a drug and alcohol detox center. Some detox facilities offer financing options, or have a finance company they use. Others offer grants or scholarships to clients who have a financial need.

Some detox facilities offer fees that are based on a sliding scale. Some detox centers may offer a discount if they know that you are paying for the entire cost of the drug and alcohol detox center out of your own pocket. You certainly have nothing to lose by asking.

Is The cost of a detox center worth it?

There is a benefit to paying for the cost of a private detox. Detox withdrawal symptoms from certain substance use can be painful and uncomfortable. Withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the substance, but nausea and vomiting, headaches, sweats and chills, abdominal pain, anxiety and irritability and seizures can be experienced. For those who have developed alcohol dependency due to heavy, continuous alcohol use withdrawal symptoms can be life threatening and may include delirium tremens, or DT's, which include tremors, hallucinations and extreme agitation.

Studies show that the more comfortable the individual is in detox, the more likely they will finish the program and be successful. Studies also revealed that when patients were uncomfortable they were less likely to stay in detox and complete the program. Patients that walked out of detox were seen as more likely to return to substance use.

Some individuals find that enrolling in an after detox program is an added benefit to helping them become successful in overcoming their substance use problems. Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that teaches guests to use self assessment and self change to evaluate their choices and to learn to make different choices, develop more productive habits and to reinforce behaviors that can help them experience long term success without substance use. If you are seeking detox, there are options. The thing to consider is whatever the cost of a drug and alcohol detox center; you have everything to gain by making the investment.

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