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Darvocet Detox TreatmentDarvocet was taken off the market by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2010. In fact, the FDA pulled all medications that contained the active ingredient propoxyphene, citing that the risks of taking propoxyphene were far greater than any of the benefits.

What is Darvocet?

Darvocet is an opiate narcotic pain killer, consisting of dextropropoxyphene and acetaminophen. Some of the uses for Darvocet is restless leg syndrome and for mild to moderate pain with or without a fever. While it does not completely eliminate pain, it offers some pain relief by dulling the pain or making it tolerable. Darvocet has the potential for dependency which is why many peope try to enroll in a darvocet detox treatment to help them stop.

Signs and Symptoms of Darvocet Use

Users may increase the dosage of the drug in order to stop pain, but the reality is that Darvocet has about the same effectiveness as aspirin as a pain reducer. People with Darvocet dependency often times experience nausea, vomiting, clammy and cold skin, stomach cramps and constipation. Additionally, some have reported experiencing chest pain, to have shallow breathing and heart arrhythmia, bleeding, jaundice, seizures and as the system becomes toxic from overuse, to have liver and kidney failure. Taking too much Darvocet may affect the central nervous system and cause depression.

Consuming alcohol while taking Darvocet can be extremely dangerous as alcohol may increase the sedation effect of Darvocet and can cause death. Darvocet should not be taken with other medications, especially allergy medicine or antihistamines.

Medical Detox from Darvocet Use

Withdrawal symptoms from Darvocet can be uncomfortable and in some cases painful. If you stop taking Darvocet abruptly and have developed a dependency, withdrawal symptoms can be severe. In many cases, the withdrawal symptoms are so unpleasant that individuals start taking the drug again just to relieve the withdrawal symptoms. Darvocet withdrawal symptoms can include insomnia, anxiety, diarrhea, runny nose and other upper respiratory problems.

Darvocet detox treatment is available through a clinic or in a doctor's office as an outpatient or as an inpatient through a hospital or private facility. Outpatient detox allows the individual to continue their daily routine, while inpatient detox gives the patient a time out from their life and a place to rest and detox.

The medications used in an outpatient setting are generally suboxone, subutex or methadone and each has its own drawbacks. Many individuals who begin taking suboxone and methadone never stop taking it or return to using Darvocet and do not complete the detox process. This may be because taking the medication is not monitored closely and because it does not provide complete relief.

Inpatient medical detox is more restrictive and medication is monitored. However, inpatient medical detox in a hospital has been seen by many as not being very effective at controlling the patient's withdrawal symptoms and many patients have left detox before it was completed.

IV therapy medical detox is viewed by many professionals as being more effective than a traditional inpatient detox hospital, largely due to the use of intravenous therapy. IV therapy makes it possible for medication to be adjusted as the withdrawal symptoms change which keeps the patient both safe and comfortable.

Once the drug is completely removed from your system, it may be necessary for you to enroll in a program to give you the tools needed to help you make different choices and stay off drugs, forever. Freedom Model Retreats has a program that will teach you how to achieve long term success.

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