Demerol Detox Treatment

Put Demerol Use In The Past

What is Demerol?

Demerol Detox TreatmentDemerol is a narcotic pain reliever that is comparable to morphine. The drug affects the central nervous system and replaces pain with a euphoric sensation. Prolong use of Demerol may result in needing more and more of the drug to achieve the same level of euphoria or pain relief and can result in dependency. Individuals with emphysema and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) as well as other respiratory conditions may experience breathing problems when taking Demerol.

Misuse is moe likely if the individual taking the drug is injecting, chewing or crushing and snorting Demerol. Combined with alcohol or other drugs, Demerol could cause permanent damage to the central nervous system. Many time this is when Demerol Detox Treatment is necessary.

Signs and Symptoms of Demerol Use

Besides dependency, taking Demerol in increased amounts could cause significant side effects such as nausea and vomiting, dry mouth, constipation, fluid retention, lightheadedness and drowsiness, increased heart rate, convulsions, hallucinations and depression.

Cold turkey cessation of Demerol is not recommended. Withdrawal symptoms may appear within a few hours of the last dose of the drug and can include vomiting, chills, alternating hot and cold flashes, jerking movement of the extremities, body aches, clammy and pale skin, severe anxiety, sweating, convulsions, dehydration and suicidal thoughts. An increase in heart rate could lead to high blood pressure which can result in blood clots, heart attack and stroke.

Medical Detox from Demerol Use

Individuals wanting to detox from Demerol have several options. They may choose to detox at home through the help of medication which they can receive from a doctor's office or clinic; or they may choose to detox through a hospital or private center as an inpatient.

Outpatient detox allows the individual to continue their daily activities while they detoxify at home. Individual will self report to a doctor's office or clinic and receive medication that will help alleviate their withdrawal symptoms. In most cases the medication used in this process is suboxone, methadone or subutex. There are some downsides to using outpatient methods for detox, the most important being that because there is little monitoring or regulation individuals who begin taking the drugs for detox, may abuse them or simply go back to Demerol and not complete the detox process.

Inpatient detox allows the individual the choice of staying in a hospital or facility for a determined amount of time, usually a week to 10 days, which gives them time to rest and detox. Both the hospital and private center methods use medication to help their patients get through the withdrawal symptoms, however private centers that use IV therapy medical detox have been seen as more effective in controlling the withdrawal symptoms and as a result keep their patients comfortable.

What Happens After Detox?

After detox, if may be necessary for you to seek assistance in helping rebuild your life after Demerol use. Freedom Model Retreats can help you achieve permanent long term success without drugs through their Cognitive Behavioral Learning based program. You will discover that in making different choices and reinforcing them with new habits and behaviors, you will build a life that is free from drug use.

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