Is Detox The Best Way To Wean Myself Off Of Pain Medication?

Detoxing Off Pain Medication

Prescription Drug Use And Detox

Prescription pain medication is quickly becoming a leading cause of drug over use in the U.S. Many individuals begin taking prescription pain killers due to medical reasons and then fail to stop taking them after their medical problem is remedied. Use of prescription pain medicine can easily turn into recreational use and before too long an individual can develop dependency. If you have tried to stop taking them, you may have experienced withdrawal symptoms and found that it was easier to just start taking them again. Now you are considering, is detox the best way to wean myself off of pain medication?

For many individuals, going to detox is the last hope to be free from prescription pain medication. It is not the only possibility, but if you have tried tapering down and you have not been successful, then going to detox is a viable option.

Types Of Detox Treatment

There are several different kinds of detox treatments available: outpatient and inpatient as well as nonmedical and medical. Nonmedical detox takes a natural approach to cleansing the system of the chemical toxins that have collected from your pain medication use. Acupuncture, saunas, meditation therapy, vitamin therapy and yoga are useful techniques in nonmedical detox and can be found in both outpatient and inpatient facilities.

Outpatient medical detox is another option. This self reporting approach allows you to receive medication from a clinic or a doctor's office. Medication used in this method is usually methadone or suboxone and both are opiate narcotics from the same family as vicodin, morphine and oxycontin and when you decide to stop taking methadone or suboxone, you may experience similar withdrawal symptoms. The other consideration is if you are in need of detox from pain medication, this method may not be the right one for you because it uses opiate medication.

Traditional inpatient hospital medical detox is another option for detox to wean you off of pain medication. However, hospital inpatient medical detox is seen by many as less effective for several reasons. First, patients are placed in psychiatric units, or kept in isolation or on lockdown. Second, hospital detox is known to use oral medication that only minimally reduces the discomfort from withdrawal symptoms. Third, the quality of care is viewed as questionable. Patients are not allowed any personal items; no cell phones, no laptops and no communication with the outside world.

What Is The Best Method

Many doctors agree that IV therapy medical detox is the best method for comfort and safety as an individual detoxes from pain medication. Intravenous based therapy allows the doctor to adjust the medication to meet your withdrawal symptoms, which keeps you comfortable throughout the detoxification process. You will receive around the clock care by board certified and licensed doctors and registered nurses who are highly skilled in critical care medicine. Private rooms ensure your comfort and you will also receive gourmet meals and massage therapy.

When your detox is complete, you may find it necessary to enter a program that can help you rebuild your life. Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that takes guests through a process of intensive self assessment. Guests learn that they do have the power to overcome their drug problem. They identify problematic thought and behavior patterns and embark on the exciting process of self directed change. Our guests are empowered and discover that they can have long term success without prescription pain medication permanently.

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