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Detox for alcohol use and certain types of drug use is a step in regaining power over your life from substance use. Detox is not necessary for everyone; it depends on the type of substance used, the amount of the substance you have been using and how long you have been using.

Detox is the process of eliminating the chemical toxins that are in your body from your drug and alcohol use and dealing with withdrawal safely. As your body is denied the substance, it begins to go through withdrawal.

At this stage, some individuals experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms differ depending on the type of substance you have been using. For example, alcohol withdrawal symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, irritability, sweating, headache and tremors. Some individuals experience the DTs or delirium tremens; periods of confusion and hallucinations. In addition to alcohol withdrawal symptoms some individuals also experience alcohol cravings. These are cognitive behavioral issues and unlike withdrawal symptoms which are physical symptoms; you do not have to give in to alcohol cravings. These are temporary struggles.

Drug detox withdrawal symptoms are similar to alcohol withdrawal symptoms, but depend on the type of drugs you have been using. Withdrawal symptoms may include headaches, anxiety and irritability, insomnia, sweating and chills and seizures. If you are not sure if you need detox, you should discuss with your doctor your drug use and they can tell you if you need detox or not.

When an individual goes through detox, they may display some behaviors that they would not display under different circumstances. A medical detox program can help to keep you comfortable throughout the process.

All medical detox programs are not the same. There are inpatient medical detox programs in hospital facilities and in private facilities. Hospital facilities have been seen as cold and unfriendly. Medical detoxes in hospital facilities are considered by some as using oral medication that can be less effective than IV therapy. Patients who receive medical detox in hospitals are kept in psychiatric units, or isolated on separate floors or in lockdown. Patients have reported being humiliated and disrespected.

IV therapy medical detox is viewed by physicians as the safest and most effective method of detox. IV therapy medical detox is physician supervised and allows the ability to change the medication to keep you comfortable and help you complete the program.

When your detox is complete, it is important that you begin to replenish your body of the nutrients that alcohol and drug use has depleted. Following a post detox diet of fresh raw fruits and vegetables, high protein, whole natural grains, drinking lots of water and taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement have been seen to help rebuild your physical well being. To help you rebuild your life after detox, Freedom Model Retreats offers an educational cognitive behavioral program that teaches guests how to self evaluate your challenges and rectify them productively. Our guests discover that they are not powerless against drug and alcohol use and that they can go on to have purposeful lives without substance use permanently.

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