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What If My Parent Needs Detox?

Realizing that your parent may need help with a substance use problem can be difficult. You may be considering if you should get detox for a parent or a get them help from a treatment program. It is best to consult with a doctor to determine which approach is right for your parent. If your doctor does not feel medical detox for a parent is necessary, perhaps a non-treatment approach, such as Freedom Model Retreats, with its proven track record of successfully helping people overcome substance use problems, is better suited for your parent.

Detox for a parent will remove all the chemical toxins that have built up in their system from substance use including drugs and alcohol. During the detox process, some patients experience withdrawal symptoms that are painful and sometimes scary. These symptoms differ, depending on the type of substance used. For example, drug withdrawal symptoms may include chills, sweats, anxiety, irritability, nausea, insomnia, vomiting and seizures. Individuals withdrawing from alcohol may experience symptoms that are both physical and psychological. These symptoms may include irritability, anxiety, fatigue, depression, nausea and vomiting, as well as extreme agitation, a state of confusion and hallucinations.

Which symptoms your parent develops and the severity will depend on the substance uses, how long they have been using and the amount that they have been using. The more comfortable your parent is in detox (or any other program for that matter), the better the chance for success.

There are medical and non medical detox facilities that offer different types of detoxes. Non medical detox centers may use yoga, meditation therapy, saunas, acupuncture and vitamin therapy as a more holistic approach to detoxing. The danger with these programs is there is little or no medical staff on hand, and detoxing from some substances may be life threatening.

Other Types Of Detox Centers

Other types of detox take a more traditional approach that includes patient isolation and restriction, as well as some methods that have been seen as questionable and medications that are considered by some doctors as unreliable and dangerous. Research shows that the traditional approach to detox can increase anxiety in patients.

Medical detox provides physician supervision and medication for detoxification. Many doctors believe that IV therapy medical detox is the best detox method available. IV therapy is especially helpful because it allows doctors to make changes to the medication as different withdrawal symptoms present, which keeps the patient comfortable during the process. The patient's health and well-being are monitored by state of the art cardiac telemetry and video technology and by doctors and nurses around the clock, ensuring patients are safe.

When your parent has completed their detoxification, they may want to enter a program that will help them in their continued success from substance use and in reentering society. The non-treatment program at Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that educates and inspires guests to make lasting lifestyle changes. Guests in the Freedom Model Program learn how to use self assessment to evaluate their choices, habits and behaviors and to implement self-directed change to build more productive habits. Our guests learn to become more self confident and are able to have positive, purposeful and long term success without substance use.

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