What Kind Of Detox Do I Need For Oxycontin Abuse?

Overcome Oxycontin Use With The Right Detox

Types Of Detox For Oxycontin

Prescription drug use accounts for a large number of deaths each year. According to the CDC, oxycontin attributed to 15,000 deaths in 2011 alone. Oxycontin is an opiate narcotic and part of the same drug family as vicodin, another prescription pain killer that is quickly making its way as a leader in excessive drug use. If you are ready to get help for your oxy use and what to know what kind of detox do I need for oxycontin abuse; there are several different types of detox that may be able to help you.

Opiates affect the central nervous system and block the receptors, known as opioid receptors – that block pain and create euphoric feelings of pleasure and contentment. Individuals who take large amounts of oxycontin may develop an increased tolerance to the drug. They may begin increasing the doses in order to achieve the same feeling as before and are at risk for over dose.

Detoxing from oxycontin is the process of removing all the toxic chemicals that have collected in your system. During this process, it is not unusual to experience withdrawal symptoms and the severity of the symptoms will depend on the amount of oxycontin you have been taking and how long you have been using oxycontin. Withdrawal symptoms are largely physical and may include abdominal cramps, sweating and flu like symptoms, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, anxiety and irritability.

What Is The Best Way To Detox From Oxycontin?

Nonmedical and medical are both methods of detox from oxycontin, however most doctors agree that the best method is medical detox. With that said, there is outpatient and inpatient medical detox. Outpatient medical detox is a self reporting method. Individuals will report to a clinic or to a doctor's office and they will receive medication to help ease the withdrawal symptoms and transition them from one drug to another. The drugs that are typically used are methadone and suboxone. Methadone and suboxone are opiates, like oxycontin and have the same effect on the body – they block the opioid receptors. While you may not experience any withdrawal symptoms from oxycontin, you are still using an opiate narcotic. You are simply exchanging one drug for another and studies show that a large number of people who start taking methadone or suboxone continue taking it for long periods of time.

IV therapy inpatient medical detox is seen by doctors as the best method for oxycontin detox. IV therapy medical detox is administered by a board certified, licensed physician that is highly skilled in critical care medicine. Patient care is around the clock by registered nurses who use the latest technology to monitor patient progress and health. Intravenous therapy is relevant because it allows the doctor to adjust the medication protocol as the patient's withdrawal symptoms change to ensure that they are comfortable and complete the detox process. Patients detox in private rooms, enjoy massage therapy and are nourished with gourmet meals.

What Comes After Detox?

When you have completed your oxycontin detox, it may be necessary to enter a program that can help you rebuild your life. Freedom Model Retreats offers an educational cognitive behavioral program that uses self evaluation and self change to teach guests to make choices and decisions that are more productive and to develop habits and behaviors that are more positive. Guests discover that they can have a life of happiness that does not include oxycontin use.

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