What Detox Methods Do They Use For Xanax Addiction?

Best Methods Used For Xanax Addiction

Who Needs Xanax Detox?

Excessive prescription drug use is a problem in the U.S. with more than 6.2 million individuals taking prescription drugs and not for medical purposes. While prescription pain killers is the highest, the use of anxiety medication such as xanax, is equally disturbing. If you are ready to get help for your xanax use, you may be wondering what detox methods do they use for xanax addiction.

Xanax is a drug that affects the central nervous system by increasing GABA activity in the brain which calms the individual. Xanax is more often used in the treatment of severe stress, panic attacks and anxiety disorders. Prolong use of xanax can result in a tolerance which causes the individual to take more of the drug to achieve the same calming sensation.

Most doctors agree that suddenly stopping xanax use, especially if it has been used for long periods of time and at high dose amounts, can be dangerous and that a gradual tapering off or detox through an inpatient facility is the best method for quitting xanax.

Detox is the process of eliminating the toxic chemicals that have accumulated in your system from xanax use. Some individuals experience significant withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, depression, insomnia, sensitivity to light and dark, vision problems, difficulty concentrating, uncontrollable shaking and seizures. For some individuals, the withdrawal symptoms are so severe that they return to using xanax to find relief.

What Detox Methods Are Available?

Inpatient hospital medical detox is one method of detox that is used for xanax addiction, although it has been seen as not being very effective. Inpatient hospital medical detox places patients in psychiatric units or on lockdown or in isolation. Patients are restricted from any outside contact, no personal item such as cell phones or laptops; which leaves patients feeling alone and increases the anxiety level.

Further, most hospital medical detox programs implement a 12 step program which teaches the false belief that drug use is a disease, that there is no cure and that they are powerless in their efforts to stop using. If you are trying to get help for xanax use, being kept in isolation and then told that you have a disease and there is no hope, would no doubt leave anyone in a depression. Add to that the fact that many hospitals use of oral medication is seen as not being very effective at relieving the withdrawal symptoms and most patients walk out of the detox before they are detoxified.

Is There A More Effective Form Of Detox?

IV therapy medical detox is viewed by many doctors as the safest and most effective method for detoxing from xanax. IV therapy is administered under the supervision of a physician, while around the clock care and patient monitoring is typically carried out by registered nurses. Intravenous therapy is important because it allows the doctor to make changes to the medication protocol as the withdrawal symptoms change, which keeps the patient comfortable and able to complete the detox.

After detox, some individuals find that they need to enter a program to help them rebuild their life. Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that is not a 12 step program. We teach out guests to use self awareness to make decisions and choices that are productive and to form habits and behaviors that are positive for a life that is more purposeful. Our guests discover that they can have a life that is without xanax use permanently.

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