Dilaudid Detox Treatment

Detoxing From Dilaudid Safely

Who Attends Dilaudid Detox Treatment?

Dilaudid Detox TreatmentDilaudid dependency is a serious problem in the United States. Although the drug may be prescribed for appropriate reasons, Dilaudid overuse continues to rise. Relatively easy accessibility to Dilaudid has made it popular for recreational drug use and one of the main reasons why people seek Dilaudid Detox Treatment.

What is Dilaudid?

Dilaudid is a narcotic opiate and is used as a substitute to morphine. Dilaudid may be used as a cough suppressant and also as a pain reliever. Considered to be a stronger drug than morphine, it has been used with terminally ill patients. Dilaudid works on the central nervous system to trick the brain into substituting feelings of euphoria for pain. The euphoric feelings take effect within about 15 minutes of taking the drug and generally exist for up to six hours afterward. Individuals who take Dilaudid in large doses and for prolong periods of time are at a higher risk for becoming dependent on the drug.

Signs and Symptoms of Dilaudid Use

The possible side effects from Dilaudid use are not unlike the effects of heroin and morphine and may include nausea and vomiting, dizziness, itching, constipation and diarrhea, sedation, insomnia, loss of appetite and swelling in hands and feet. Additionally, individuals that struggle with Dilaudid dependency may experience muscle spasms, body pain, depression and anxiety issues, agitation, delusions and disorientation as well as extreme paranoia, hallucinations and seizures.

Pregnant women who use Dilaudid are at risk for having their babies born with dependency issues and may include respiratory problems and withdrawal symptoms. Individuals who inject Dilaudid are at risk for circulatory collapse and overdose.

Medical Detox from Dilaudid Use

Dilaudid withdrawal symptoms can be painful and severe. Withdrawal symptoms can include insomnia, anxiety, hot or cold flashes, sweating, body pain and abdominal pain. Although they may be short in length, withdrawal symptoms can be severe and intense and proper Dilaudid Detox Treatment will certainly ease the uncomfort.

There are options for medical detox such as outpatient or inpatient. Outpatient detox allows the individual to continue their normal routines while detoxifying at home. In outpatient detox, the individual reports to a clinic or doctor's office and they receive medication that will help control their withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, due to a lack of regulation, many individuals begin taking the drugs used for outpatient detox and they never stop taking it or they return to their Dilaudid use and fail to complete the detox process.

Inpatient medical detox is available through a hospital or a private center. Most hospitals use oral medication that has been seen as ineffective at relieving the withdrawal symptoms of patients. On the other hand, IV therapy medical detox offered at a few private detox centers has been viewed as the best method for detox from Dilaudid. Intravenous therapy makes it possible for the medication to be adjusted as the withdrawal symptoms change which keeps the patient much more comfortable.

As you successfully complete detox, you may want to consider enrolling in a program that will help you to rebuild your life without Dilaudid use. Drug use is a choice and Freedom Model Retreats can help you develop different habits and behaviors that will allow you to find the strength to make different choices and be free from drug use forever.

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