Do I need 12 step support after drug or alcohol rehab and detox?

Do I still need 12 step support after rehab and detox?

Understanding the truth about 12 Step Support Programs

Many people believe that they need 12 step support after drug or alcohol rehab detox mainly because society has dictated that if you have a drug or alcohol use problem, then the only way to overcome it is by joining AA or NA or one of the other 12 step programs. However, that is not true.

12 step programs do not promote the ability to overcome drug or alcohol use, they promote an idea that you are powerless over your drug and alcohol use. 12 step programs do not promote a positive feeling of accomplishment; rather they promote a feeling of helplessness, worthlessness and shame. 12 step programs enable drug and alcohol users to feel that they will not overcome those levels of use by telling them that their substance use is not their fault and their use exists because they have a disease; an addiction gene that forces them to use drugs and alcohol. 12 step programs leave the individual powerless regardless of how much counseling they receive, or how many times they go to detox; they will always be an addict or an alcoholic.

12 step programs would have you believe that the only thing you can do about your drug and alcohol use after detox is to believe in a higher power, abstain from substance use and to attend meetings and have treatment therapy for the rest of your life. The picture they paint is pretty bleak, so why would you need a support program like that? Is that an accurate definition of support?

Here's the fact based reality, you are not diseased. You did not inherit a drug addict or alcoholic gene, because this fictional gene does not exist. Your alcohol use and drug use are learned behaviors that you can overcome. Your brain can be remapped or retrained to associate the euphoria it feels when you use drugs and alcohol with other thoughts, habits and choices.

When you complete the detoxification process, you may need help in rebuilding your life. Freedom Model Retreats has a six week program that teaches the guest how to reevaluate their lifestyle, decisions and choices. The Freedom Model Program is based on Cognitive Behavioral Learning.

During our six week program our guests discover that they are not powerless and that they can overcome their drug and alcohol use. Freedom Model is not a 12 step program. We do not common treatment tactics such as manipulation, shame and labels to control our guests. We do not support the false idea that substance use is a disease.

At Freedom Model Retreats, our guests learn how to make choices that are more productive and to develop habits and behaviors that are more positive for a life that is more purposeful and positively driven. We help our guests build confidence through encouragement and we help them see that they can move past their circumstances and have success in sobriety without the need of 12 step meetings.

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