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Drug Detox Boston

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A Look At Boston's Drug Detox Options

Drug Detox BostonAccording to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, heroin and cocaine are the most used drugs in Boston. In order to reach the same level of euphoria, drug users constantly increase their use to maintain the high. Many drug users also use alcohol in excess as well. Less than a third of the excessive drug users in Boston will get help by entering drug detox.

For the excessive drug user, the ability to get more drugs becomes the priority of their life. Everything that once was important shifts and the drugs become the center of their existence. They may even find themselves participating in risky behavior that under drug free circumstances they would not do. Drug users put themselves at risk for disease as they lose control over their life to the drugs.

Don't Lose Hope

However, all hope is not lost. Making the decision to go into drug detox can change your circumstances for the better. There are several different options for drug detox in Boston. Outpatient detox programs provide programs both medically and non medically. Non medical programs include vitamin and meditation therapy, acupuncture and 12 step programs.

12 step programs hold the belief that drug use is a disease and that drug users were born to be dependent on drugs. 12 step programs teach their members that there is no cure and that you have no choice but to use drugs. They believe that even though you may try not to use drugs, you will always go back to using drugs. 12 step programs use meetings and group therapy and talk therapy to motivate their members. Although 12 step programs have a high amount of enrolled members, their dropout rate is 95 percent, due largely to the fact that member simply cannot live up to the degrading standards of 12 step programs. There is no satisfaction for members who are told that they are diseased and will always fail.

Outpatient Detox

Methadone clinics and maintenance centers are a type of outpatient medical drug detox program. Individuals wanting to detox, go to the clinics and use methadone in place of the drugs they would ordinarily use. Methadone and suboxone, another drug often used in outpatient drug detox, are opiate narcotics and possess the potential for physical dependency. Studies have revealed that some individuals that have began taking methadone as a replacement drug continued taking it for more than 20 years. Both methadone and suboxone have side effects and significant withdrawal symptoms. The decision to use substitute drugs should be considered carefully.

Inpatient Detox

Inpatient medical drug detox is seen as the best method available for detoxification. Most drugs come with a certain amount of withdrawal symptoms and IV therapy makes it possible for doctors to change the medication that can treat those symptoms and keep you comfortable at the same time. IV therapy is seen as safe and highly effective. Your health and care are monitored around the clock by doctors, nurses and technicians.

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