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Drug Detox in New Jersey

Finding The Best Drug Detox In NJ

The Need For Drug Detox In New Jersey

Drug Detox New JerseyWith drug use in New Jersey increasing each year, the need for drug detox facilities has also increased. There are more than two hundred different options for drug detox in New Jersey. If you are looking for a place to get off drugs, you can choose from inpatient facilities where you can stay while you detox, or if you prefer you can select an outpatient facility where you go for a few hours each day or several times a week to get detox treatment. Another possibility to consider is whether you want medical detox, detox with the help of medication, to remove the chemical toxins from your system that have built up during your drug use; or whether you want to detox holistically, without the use of medication. Whichever method you choose, you can find a drug detox facility that is right for you.

Some individuals find that being a resident in a detox facility is not right for them and so they choose to detox as an outpatient. One approach to medical detox as an outpatient is a methadone clinic, which uses medication to help transition you from the drugs you have been using to the drug methadone, or the drug suboxone. These types of drug detoxs in New Jersey are common. Both of these medications are opiate narcotics and controlled substances. Depending on the type of drugs you have been using, the amount and length of prolonged use; you may go to the clinic daily or weekly. Some clinics give medication to take at home.

One of the problems with this type of detox program is that you are substituting one drug for another. Methadone and suboxone both have the potential for dependency. Studies reveal that there are cases where individuals have been taking methadone for over 20 years. Withdrawal from methadone and suboxone use can be as painful and uncomfortable as the withdrawal of other drugs and sometimes withdrawal symptoms for these replacement therapy drugs lasts considerably longer.

What Other Options For Detox Do I Have?

Another option for outpatient drug detox is a nonmedical approach. Meditation therapy, acupuncture, and vitamin therapy are all holistic approaches to drug detox. Many outpatient detox programs recommend daily attendance at 12 step meetings. While 12 step programs are plentiful, the success rate is questionable. The dropout rate is between 60 to 95 percent, most likely due to the fact that members cannot meet the expectations of the program. 12 step programs support the concept that drug use is a disease and that you cannot help the fact that you use drugs. The fact is, you are not diseased and you do have a choice not to use drugs.

Inpatient medical detox is used frequently for drug detox. This approach allows you to stay as a resident for a specific amount of time while the drugs are removed from your system. The safest, most effective method for medical detox is IV therapy. Medication is given to you intravenously. As your withdrawal symptoms change, the medication is adjusted to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the detox process. A team of doctors, nurses and technicians monitor your progress round the clock and with the aid of cardiac and video technology in a private room.

After you have successfully completed a detox program, it may be useful for you to enroll in a program to help you continue to build a successful life without drug use. Freedom Model Retreats features an educational cognitive behavioral program that helps guests regain control of their life. Our guests learn that they are not diseased and that they can have a life that is permanently free of drugs.

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