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Different Types of Detox In New York

Drug Detox New YorkBased on a recent survey conducted by the National Institute of Drug Use and Health, more than 9% of New Yorkers admit to using illicit drugs in the past 30 days prior to the survey. That is nearly a million people throughout the state. Marijuana is the most commonly used drug reported while heroin use accounts for the majority of admissions to drug detox and drug treatment centers throughout New York.

Drug detox programs in New York vary from inpatient, outpatient, medical and non medical programs. New York State spends more than a billion dollars annually on drug treatment and prevention programs, yet the problem continues to worsen. There are programs that are federal and state funded, and there are some private facilities. When dealing with a drug problem deciding to seek detox in New York is the first step.

Certain drugs can create a dependency and drug detox is the process of your body readjusting itself to not having the drug. Alcohol, benzodiazepines, such as Xanax and Valium and opiates such as heroin, Oxycontin, Hydrocodone, are a few drugs that can create physical dependence when taken habitually. Physical dependence does not mean that people cannot choose to stop at any time; it simply means that upon stopping they are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms.

The Worst and Best Methods Of Detox

For those drugs that create dependence, the safest method for medical drug detox is an inpatient medical detox. These programs are supervised by a physician and typically offer the quality of care you may want to help with withdrawal symptoms. Certain types of drugs have different withdrawal implications and may range from mild to severe and in the case of alcohol or benzos, can be life threatening. You will want to seek a facility that can alleviate your withdrawal symptoms safely and effectively and keep you comfortable at the same time.

Methadone clinics are considered outpatient medical detox programs. Methadone clinics are funded by the state and federal government. This type of program substitutes the drug methadone for whatever drug you have been using. Methadone is an opiate narcotic and it comes with its own withdrawal complications. Methadone programs require their clients to participate in a 12 step program, which is considered a non medical program.

12 step programs support the idea that your drug use is a disease from which you can never recover. They claim that there is no cure for drug use and that once an addict, always an addict. It is no wonder that 12 step programs see a 60 to 95 percent dropout rate and are unsuccessful for most people. Other types of non medical programs include acupuncture, vitamin therapy and meditation therapy.

IV therapy medical detox is the seen as the best option for medical detox available and the only detox recommended by Freedom Model Retreats. IV therapy is safe and more effective because it allows medical staff to adjust the medication as withdrawal symptoms progress. This keeps patients comfortable and ensures round the clock care and safety. Research shows that individuals who are successful in completing detox are more likely to be successful making lasting changes than individuals who are not successful in completing detox.

Once you have successfully completed detox, the Freedom Model Retreats offers an educational cognitive behavioral program that can help you to build your new drug free life. At Freedom Model Retreats, you are taught the truth, that addiction is not a disease but rather a habitual behavior and a choice. Through the Freedom Model Program you will see clearly that do have the power to change your life, overcome your problems and create a future, that is permanently free from drug use.

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