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Drug Detox Pennsylvania

Drug Detox Help In PA

Entering Into The Right Drug Detox

Drug Detox PennsylvaniaWhen you are ready to get drug detox in Pennsylvania for heroin and other drug use, there are hundreds of options available. The Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol reports there are more than a million drug users in Pennsylvania and barely 100,000 seek help for their use. As drug use continues to increase, especially heroin and prescription drug use, an exorbitant amount of people will never get the help they need.

Excessive drug use can not only destroy relationships with family and friends, but it can also result in job loss and it can deplete finances. Recreational drug use can have a debilitating effect on your health and can lead you to engage in risky behavior that you normally would not do. Drug overdose can occur as individuals increase drug amounts on their quest to achieve the same sense of euphoria they felt before.

Drug detox in Pennsylvania offers many options for help with use. Holistic approaches to drug detox include vitamin therapy, meditation therapy and acupuncture. Most detox programs including holistic programs require people to attend daily 12 step meetings. These 12 step programs such as NA spread the erroneous belief that drug use is a genetic brain disease that you inherit from family members. 12 step programs say that addiction is incurable and that people must maintain complete abstinence to keep their disease in remission. For many this causes much confusion as they cannot reconcile the dichotomy between being powerless over drugs and needing to remain abstinent. The fact is that drug use is not a disease, it is a choice. Just as you made the choice to use drugs, you can make the choice not to use drugs. While many people join 12 step programs, the dropout rate is high, at 60 to 95 percent.

Methadone Clinics and Maintenance Centers

Methadone clinics and maintenance centers offer another option for outpatient drug detox. These clinics offer methadone or suboxone as a substitute for drug use. Clients visit the clinic on a daily or weekly basis and receive the medication along with counseling. The important thing to consider is that you are substituting one drug for another. Methadone and suboxone have their own side effects, especially with long term use and both can be habit forming. If you stop taking methadone or suboxone abruptly you may experience excruciatingly painful withdrawal symptoms and most likely for a longer period of time. Some people experience methadone withdrawal symptoms for many weeks.

Inpatient IV therapy medical detox offers the most effective and safest method for medical detox available. IV therapy makes it possible to adjust the medication on a minute by minute basis to ensure that drug withdrawal symptoms are minimized and that you are comfortable. IV therapy is administered under the care of a medical team and care is given 24/7. Upscale facilities provide patients with comfortable private rooms, gourmet meals and massage therapy.

Getting Help For Drug Use

Once you have completed a drug detox program in PA, you may need to enroll in a program that can help you rebuild your life after drug use. Freedom Model Retreats has a program that empowers guests to take complete control of their life. Our guests go on to have long term success without drug use, permanently.

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