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Detox for Drug Use

Deciding to get help with your drug use by entering a drug detox and rehab program, may be a process to reclaim your life from drug use problems. However, the detox program you choose to begin the process needs to be carefully thought out. Let's begin with discussing the detox process first, and then we will address drug detox and rehab as a whole.

Drug detox is the process of flushing the toxins from your body that have built up from drug use. In addition to drug detox, you may require alcohol detox as well, since many drug users also use alcohol excessively. As you go through the detoxification process, the withdrawal symptoms can be painful and frightening. It is important that you choose a detox program that will not only keep you comfortable, but will also be safe and effective so that you may be successful in the next phase of rebuilding your life.

Detox Programs for Drug Use

All detox programs for drug use are not alike. Some offer non-medical treatment which may consist of vitamin and meditation therapy, while others may offer group meetings and talk therapy as well. Doctors agree that many non medical detox programs can be dangerous for those with severe withdrawal problems. Withdrawal from drug use can be very uncomfortable and painful as the symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headache, chills, sweating, muscle cramps, insomnia, anxiety and seizures. Withdrawal symptoms, if not treated appropriately, may be fatal. A medical detox program that uses IV therapy is thought to be the most effective detox process that will safely get you through the withdrawal process and eliminate the drug toxins from your system.

After Drug Detoxification

Once you have successfully completed detox and your system is clean, the next step is to make the choice not to return to drug use and to enroll in a program that will help you develop habits that will lead you to long term success. Attending drug detox and is not the only option as there are several opportunities for you to better yourself and overcome drugs. 12 step programs that require group meetings and talk therapy and that teach sobriety through abstinence and lifelong meetings are one type of program, but their effectiveness is considered slim to nonexistent.

After Drug Detox Programs

Making the decision to go into drug detox and physically remove yourself from alcohol and/or drugs is just a beginning. It may be necessary to enroll in an after drug detox program to acquire the education to be successful in your decision to have a drug free future. Unfortunately, treatment programs implement a 12 step plan that teach the idea that once a drug user always a drug user and have group meetings where their members vent their frustrations and hostilities.

12 step programs that are utilized in rehabs across the globe also require talk therapy counseling sessions where the therapist's purpose is to dig deep into the individual's past to find a source for their drug use and teaches that drug use is a disease. This digging of one's problems has been known to actually lessen a person's chances of moving on with their lives.

The truth is that you are not diseased. Your drug use is a choice that you have made – to use drugs. You have the power to make a different choice – not to use drugs. Freedom Model Retreats can help you through their education based cognitive behavioral program. In our program, you will learn new habits and actions that will empower you to live a life that is drug free forever. No meetings, no disease, no treatment, just empowering information, so you can make your own decisions about your life.

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