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Fentanyl Detox TreatmentFentanyl is reported to be 100 times stronger than morphine and street heroin. Statistics reveal that the number of deaths attributed to Fentanyl has risen over the past few years and continues to rise. Fentanyl Detox Treatment can help people before they enter a program to overcome their substance use habits and behaviors.

What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a powerful pain reliever that is primarily used in terminally ill patients, in operating rooms and intensive care units. Fentanyl is taken by mouth in a pill, lozenge or film that dissolves, in a patch that is applied to the skin or by shot or IV. Fentanyl works quickly on the receptors in your brain and spinal cord to reduce pain. Illicit use of Fentanyl includes smoking, snorting and injecting the drug.

Signs and Symptoms of Fentanyl Use

Like other opioids a tolerance for Fentanyl can develop causing users to use more and more of the drug to prolong the high they get. This can lead to physical dependency. There is a higher risk for accidental overdose and death for heavy fentanyl user especially if it is mixed with other drugs such as other opiates, alcohol or benzodiapines such as Xanax or Valium. Some cases of overdose and death have been from users putting on multiple fentany patches at one time in an effort to increase their high. The side effects of Fentanyl are lightheadedness and drowsiness, nausea and dry mouth, depressed breathing, sweating, problems with urination, constipation and diarrhea, confusion and hallucinations. Pregnant women who use Fentanyl may pass the drug to their babies and nursing mothers may pass the drug through their breast milk.

Detox from Fentanyl Use

Withdrawal from Fentanyl can be most severe in the first few days after discontinued use. Withdrawal symptoms include severe abdominal pain, confusion and anxiety, hot flashes, insomnia, body muscle aches, night sweats, loss of appetite, constipation, increased breathing and tremors. Fentanyl withdrawal can be frightening and most doctors agree that medical detox is the safest way form of Fentanyl Detox Treatment.

Medical detox is available as an inpatient or outpatient status and through traditional hospital detox, Methadone clinics or IV therapy medical detox. Outpatient detox from a Methadone clinic allows the individual to self report to the clinic to receive the drug Methadone (or in some cases Suboxone) to take and detox at home. The benefit to outpatient detox is that you can continue your daily routine while you detox from Fentanyl.

Traditional hospital inpatient detox is another option for detox from Fentanyl. In this method patients are usually placed in psychiatric units, or on lockdown while they detox. Outside communication is restricted and some patients have reported that the type of medication that is used is not adequate at relieving the discomfort from withdrawal symptoms.

IV therapy medical detox found in some private detox providers is seen as the best for of detox because it allows the medication to be adjusted as the withdrawal symptoms change for immediate relief of withdrawal symptoms. The patient is kept comfortable which allows them to complete the detox process safely.

Choose Freedom Model's After Detox

Once you have successfully completed detox, it may be necessary for you to enroll in a program that can help you to build your new life Fentanyl free. Freedom Model Retreats offers a cognitive behavioral program that guides guests through the process of intensive self-directed change. Guests learn that they have the power to make lasting lifestyle changes and to take control of their life and achieve long term success.

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