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Georgia DetoxGeorgia is located in the southeastern United States. The Atlanta metropolitan area, has been a very vital transshipment location for illegal drugs. Savannah is the bull's eye for Colombian heroin drug traffickers and meth that is originated from Mexico, Texas and California has also been seized there by law enforcement.

In 2008, 61.2% of males were in treatment for addiction, 38.8% were female and the largest age group for admissions that year was 36-45 years old. The next largest age group that attended drug and alcohol detox centers was 31-45 yrs of age and 60% were caucasion. In 2009, according to data from the El Paso Intelligence Center's National Seizure System (EPIC-NSS), the number for meth lab seizures from 2007-2009 increased to 91%. Cocaine was the most popular drug of why people were admitted into a drug and alcohol detox center with marijuana being second and stimulants third.

Georgia has a Per Se Law that someone may not drive or have physical control of any vehicle that is moving while being on any kind of drug(s) such as: aerosol, glue, controlled med(s), marijuana, and poisonous vapor that are not safe for that person to be driving. Georgia has nine Drug Free Communities (DFC) Programs that are funded by the Office of Narcotics and Drug Control Policies (ONDCP) and also have their Atlanta HIDTA that investigates the runnings of Mexican drug cartels. Every year Atlanta HIDTA has a prevention conference for law enforcement, treatment providers, and drug demand reduction professionals to help them learn new trends and changes so they can be better organized for their communities and build relationships among those who have drug abuse problems.

Do you know of anyone in your family or local community that may be in need of a dependable drug and alcohol detox center? If so, Georgia has over 170 available throughout their state. The most important task you must do before entering any treatment center is to look into it exhaustively until you have all the information and answers you need so you can make that final decision.

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