How long does oxycontin detox last?

What are my options to detox from oxycontin? What is the best detox center for it?

There are more than six million prescription drug users in the United States and oxycontin is one of the most overused. More than 15,000 deaths were attributed to oxycontin in 2011 according to the Center for Disease Control.

Many individuals want to get help for their oxycontin use, but never do because they are unsure of how long does oxycontin detox last, or whether or not they can take the time off from work or because they need to take care of their family.

Oxycontin is an opiate narcotic and part of the family of opiates such as morphine and vicodin. Oxycontin works on the central nervous system by blocking the opioid receptors which distinguishes between pleasure and pain, allowing the individual to have a euphoric feeling and feeling at ease. Taking oxycontin in large and frequent doses may create a tolerance requiring more of the drug to reach the same feeling of euphoria as before. Taking increased doses of oxycontin can also lead to overdose.

Quitting oxycontin use can be uncomfortable and frightening. Withdrawal symptoms may include irregular heartbeat, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, flu like symptoms, anxiety and agitation, insomnia, severe abdominal pain and hot and cold flashes, and symptoms may begin as quickly as a few hours after the last time the drug was taken.

Detox from oxycontin may last two to seven days for inpatient medical detox, depending on the amount of the drug you have been using and how long you have been using. Detox may also be carried out through outpatient medical detox.

Outpatient medical detox is a self reporting service. Individuals report to a clinic where they may receive the drug methadone or suboxone or to a doctor's office where they can be given a prescription to detox at home. Research shows that many individuals who begin taking methadone and suboxone never stop taking the drugs and have been on either methadone or suboxone for twenty years or longer so this is a method that is seen as somewhat ineffective if your goal is to get off drugs.

Quitting methadone or suboxone is no different, as far as withdrawal is concerned as the individual may experience symptoms and the period of detox from methadone and suboxone has been seen as longer than other drugs, with some individuals experiencing symptoms for several months after detox.

IV therapy medical detox is regarded by many physicians as the safest, most effective method of detox from oxycontin. IV therapy is administered by a physician and supervised by doctors and registered nurses, who have a vast amount of experience in critical care medicine. IV therapy is crucial to the detox because it allows the physician to change the medication protocol as the withdrawal symptoms from oxycontin change, which keeps the patient comfortable and able to complete the detox. It also results in a drug free individual with minimal discomfort and a high level of safety.

After the detox from oxycontin is complete, many individuals find that they need a program to help them rebuild their life. Freedom Model Retreats offers Cognitive Behavioral Learning in a residential setting at a comfortable retreat. Guests learn to make decisions and choices that are more productive and to develop habits and behaviors that bring enhancement to their life. The results are a life that is permanently free from oxycontin use.

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