I have been abusing drugs for years will detox help?

Detox might be necessary, but after years of drug use you may feel help is needed to change your behaviors.

Reaching the decision to get help for your drug use is a difficult decision to make, and you may have asked, "I have been abusing drugs for years, will detox help?" The answer is yes! The decision to detox may be difficult but it is a step toward taking back control of your life.

Depending on the type of drugs that you have been using excessively, you may or may not need detox. Certain types of drugs, such as cocaine and meth, do not require detox. If that is the case, you may need a program to help you learn to make different choices and to develop different habits and behaviors. If you are uncertain whether or not to seek detox, you should discuss your drug use with a doctor who can help you decide if you need detox.

There are several different methods of detox the most common being outpatient medical and inpatient medical detox. Outpatient medical detox uses a self reporting system. Individuals report to a clinic to receive daily medication to detox on their own. However, this method is not really fixing the problem of drug abuse, but masking it with temporary relief from physical withdrawal symptoms.

Methadone or suboxone are the most commonly prescribed medications. Both of these drugs are opiate narcotics similar to heroin and vicodin and affect the central nervous system in the same way as the other opiates. Both suboxone and methadone have been used long term and studies show that some individuals never stop taking them. You must ask yourself if this is an effective approach. Using drugs in place of other drug use has been seen as not being a very effective method for detox, nor very safe. Taking methadone or suboxone means that you are never really off drugs because you are still taking an opiate narcotic.

Traditional inpatient hospital medical detox has been considered as not being very effective for many reasons. Many physicians view the oral medication as less effective at relieving the withdrawal symptoms for many patients, which causes discomfort. Doctors also question the practices of hospitals such as placing the patients in psychiatric units, putting them in isolation, on lockdown status; all of which is demeaning to the patients. Many patients have been known to walk out of detox in hospitals.

IV therapy medical detox is seen as the best method for medical detox for a number of reasons. First, IV therapy medical detox is supervised by board certified and licensed physicians that are highly skilled in critical care medicine. Second, intravenous therapy allows the physician to adjust the medication protocol to meet the withdrawal symptoms and to keep the patient comfortable. Third, the comfort of the patient extends to the quality of care they receive - around the clock care - and to the comfort of the environment - a spa like, private facility that offers private rooms, gourmet meals and massage therapy. If you have been abusing drugs for years, this type of detox can help.

Many individuals, who have been abusing drugs for years, may need help after detox rebuilding their lives. Freedom Model Retreats is a non-treatment program that uses Cognitive Behavioral Learning to help guests use self assessment and self change to make decisions and choices that are productive. Our guests become more self confident as they learn to form habits and behaviors that are positive and bring enhancement to their lives. Guests discover that even after using drugs for many years, they can have a life that is permanently free from drug use.

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