I'm over 60 is it safe for me to go to detox for alcohol?

No matter if you are 60 or 30 you might need help with an alcohol problem, we can help you.

You know that you need help with your excessive alcohol use, but you question, "I'm over 60 is it safe for me to go to detox for alcohol?" You may be feeling that it is too late for you to get help for your alcohol use, but the truth is that it is never too late. The first thing you should do is consult with a doctor to determine the best method of detox for you. Your doctor can run tests to determine if your alcohol use has damaged your liver, kidneys or has led to any other medical problems. Your doctor may decide that you do not need detox, but that a rehab or other type of program may be necessary to help you with your alcohol use.

If your doctor deems it necessary to detox, there are several options available to you such as outpatient medical and inpatient medical detox and nonmedical detox. Nonmedical detox can be either inpatient or outpatient. Nonmedical detox takes a more holistic approach to detox using mind, body and spirit techniques such as acupuncture, meditation therapy, vitamin therapy and yoga. This method does not work for everyone, but some find it therapeutic and very helpful. Be very careful of those detoxes that advertise these methods but are unprofessional or use questionable methods.

Inpatient hospital medical detox has been viewed by some physicians as not the most effective method. Hospital medical detox commonly use oral medication that does not always alleviate the withdrawal symptoms effectively and does not offer much comfort to the patient. Patients are usually kept in lockdown or isolation on psych floors or in psychiatric units. The overall treatment by hospital staff has been seen as cold and unfriendly. Unfortunately, the results often end with the patient walking out of detox before it is complete.

The best method for alcohol detox, doctors agree, is IV therapy medical detox. This method of detox affords the comfort of the patient physically and psychologically. The method, intravenous therapy is implemented by licensed and board certified physicians. The procedure allows doctors to adjust the medication to meet the withdrawal symptoms of the patient, which keeps them comfortable. The spa like environment of the private facility gives patient privacy and the gourmet meals and massage therapy give patients the desire to stay and complete the process. For individuals over 60, after years of alcohol use, IV therapy is seen as the safest and most effective method for alcohol detox.

After detox, you may want to consider enrolling in a program that can help you continue your success of life without alcohol use. Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that can help you. The Freedom Model Program teaches self awareness and self change to our guests, which help them reevaluate their choices and decisions and to make choices that are productive and helps them develop habits and behaviors that are more enriching to their life at any age.

There are times when our six week program is not long enough for some individuals and so we have created the PREP, which allows additional time for individuals to embrace the concepts and to have additional practice applying them to their life. The program offers additional beneficial skills to help you be better prepared as you continue your new life without alcohol.

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