Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Detox

Finding An Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Detox

Alcohol and Drug Detox

Finding the right inpatient alcohol and drug detox program to help you overcome your substance use problem and take back control of your life can be difficult. However, if you understand the differences between the programs, making the decision can be a little easier.

All inpatient alcohol and drug detox programs are not created equal. There are vast differences between patient care, method of treatment and facilities. Inpatient programs can be medical and nonmedical and medical detox programs may use oral medication or intravenous therapy.

Nonmedical Detox

Inpatient nonmedical alcohol and drug detox take a more holistic approach by offering a spa environment that focuses on mind, body and spirit wellness and features acupuncture, meditation therapy, sauna, vitamin therapy and yoga. Nonmedical alcohol and drug detox is a natural method to detoxify, but it may not be safe for everyone. Some individuals experience significant withdrawal symptoms from certain drugs and alcohol and they may find that the natural approach does not keep them comfortable, is dangerous and as a result they may not complete the detox process.

Medical Detox

Traditional medical hospital inpatient alcohol and drug detox has been seen by many as being cold, sterile and unpleasant. Traditional hospital medical detox tends to place patients in psychiatric units or wards, keeping them in a lockdown or isolation status. As patients go through detox, the last thing they want to feel is abandoned and alone. Often patients are not permitted to bring into detox any personal items, such as cell phones and laptops and are not permitted to communicate with family and friends. If the patient wants to speak to family, in some cases they are allowed to make limited phone calls from the nurse's station where their conversation is closely monitored.

Traditional medical detox uses oral medication that many physicians have viewed as less effective at controlling the withdrawal symptoms of patients. The position of most traditional hospital inpatient alcohol and drug detox facilities is that the patient should feel a certain amount of discomfort so that they will be deterred from using drugs and alcohol in the future. This practice is seen as questionable in the medical community. The quality of care patients receive and this lack of concern for their comfort is the reason that many patients walk out of hospital detox and return to substance use.

IV Therapy

IV therapy medical detox is considered to be the best method of inpatient alcohol and drug detox. Intravenous therapy allows the safest and most effective method to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, providing patient comfort throughout the detox process. IV therapy allows the doctor to control the process and the symptoms. The patient detoxifies quickly, safely and effectively.

IV therapy medical detox begins with an in-depth evaluation of the patient's physical, emotional and social well being. The process is supervised by licensed and board certified physicians with critical care experience and the patient is monitored around the clock by registered nurses with specialties in ER and ICU care. Another factor that makes IV therapy medical detox stand out from the rest is the environment for patients that include private rooms, gourmet meals and massage therapy. Patients may use their own cell phones, they may bring their laptops and communication with family and friends is encouraged. The feeling is that you should not have to go through detox alone.

Some individuals find that they need a program to help them get back on their feet after detox. Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that helps guests reevaluate their choices and decisions by using self assessment and self change. Guests make choices; develop habits and behaviors that are productive, positive and purposeful for a life that is permanently free from drug and alcohol use.

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