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Will My Insurance Cover Detox?

Insurance and Detox Centers

For many individuals needing detox, the cost of detox and how they will pay for it and whether or not it will be covered under their insurance is a big concern. Another concern is finding an insurance accepted detox center.

In many cases, insurance will cover a specified amount of time for detox services. You should check your policy, or with your insurance company to see what is covered and if the detox center is an acceptable provider, before you begin your detox. Understandably, when you are looking for an insurance accepted detox center, you are not functioning at your best and trying to jump through all the hoops that may be required by your insurance company may seem like a hassle, when you really just want to get into a detox program so that you can get better.

If your insurance plan covers detox, then you will want to know what the deductible is or if there is a co-pay, or if there will be an out of pocket amount for you to pay. If your insurance plan will not pay for detoxification, there may be other options for you such as indigent care, grants or scholarships.

What Happens In Detox?

Detox is the removal of toxic chemicals from the body that have collected from continuous substance use. Certain types of substances will bring about withdrawal symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, sweats, chills and in extreme cases seizures. Alcohol withdrawal patients can also suffer delirium tremens, or the DTs. Detox facilities are available in both nonmedical and medical settings. A nonmedical detox center does not administer medication and has limited or not medical staff. They take a holistic approach to detox such as acupuncture, meditation therapy, saunas, vitamin therapy and yoga.

Medical detox centers are supervised by a physician, have a full medical staff and administer medication throughout the detox process. A limited number of private detox centers use IV therapy medical detox. In these exclusive detox centers medications are given intravenously which allows medical staff to adjust medications as needed. Unlike traditional medical detox where medication is administered orally and the patient has to wait for it to take effect; IV therapy is immediate.

Will Detox Fix My Substance Use Problem?

Substance detox is not the same as rehab. Drug and alcohol detox is short term, usually lasting three to ten days, whereas addiction treatment or rehab may last 28 to 60 days and longer in some cases. Most health insurance policies have a cap, or a fixed amount that the insurance company will pay for these services and the individual is responsible for the balance. Because medical detox is seen as medically necessary for some substances, and because it's short term, many insurance companies will pay for at least one detox stay per calendar year.

Once the detox is complete, some individuals find it necessary to enroll in a program that can help them build a life free from substance use problems long term. Freedom Model Retreats offers an educational cognitive behavioral program that helps guests to reevaluate their lifestyle and choices and implement lasting lifestyle changes. Guests learn to replace self destructive habits with positive and more productive ones. They are empowered to build the life they truly want and go on to have lifelong success without substance use.

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