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Iowa DetoxIowa has had a growing problem with alcohol, marijuana and controlled substances. Since 1998, the amount of alcohol consumption had grew to 67.6% in the past twelve years, meaning that the average Iowan over 21 years of age, has consumed 2.14 gallons of spirits, 1.86 gallons of wine and 37.2 gallons of beer in just one year! This information was provided by the Iowa Department of Commerce, Alcoholic Beverages Division in 2011. From 1994-2010, there were more arrests for OWI's (Operating While Intoxicated)which has remained high for the past 15 years. Iowa has an operating Per Se standard law in their state if someone is caught driving while intoxicated or has a controlled substance in their urine or blood.

In 2011, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH and the Division of Behavioral Health mandates anyone who is a licensed substance abuse treatment provide has to report what services were provided through their SARS/I-SMART data system. This tracks the number people that were treated, what their choice of drug(s) was, and the results of their treatment after leaving the program. In 2011 alone, the number of adults and adolescents that were screened and admitted to a drug and alcohol detox center in Iowa was 47, 974, with 55.2% were in there for alcohol, 25.7% for marijuana, 9.6% for meth, 6.7% for controlled substance use. This was reported by the Iowa Department of Public Health, Division of Behavioral Health-SARS/I-SMART in 2011.

The Iowa Department of Health Services (IDHS) reported that from 2001-2010 that there were two kinds of abuse that was specifically related to drug use with a parent or caregiver. The first was the established number or found cases of child abuse that involved illegal drugs that were found in a child's system and the next was the established number or found cases of child abuse which resulted from a parent or a caregiver producing drugs in front of a child which also included meth labs.

In 2010, the Iowa Statewide Poison Control Center reported that there were 68 million doses of prescribed drugs to Iowans which consisted of Scheduled II-IV drugs and when totaled with oxycodone, it totaled 89, 500,000! If you need a drug and alcohol detox center in Iowa, they have 101 available. Before you select a specific detox center, it is essential that you check it out very carefully before you dedicate yourself to one.

If you are interested in a drug and alcohol detoxification program, it is worthy to take the time to inquire a specific treatment center completely before you make a definite choice.

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