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Louisiana DetoxLouisiana has had a problem with marine and air drug smugglings but their real threat has become their Interstate Highway System. The use of commercial and private vehicles is the most popular way of smuggling drugs. They have Mexican, Colombian and Caribbean drug smugglers that travel to and from Houston, Miami or to the Southwest Border via 1-10, 1-12, 1-20 by taking the East or West routes and also by taking Interstate 55 by taking the North and South routes which are mainly accountable for drug trafficking marijuana, cocaine, crack and meth.

In 2007, because of direct drug use, 862 people died that year. Louisiana's drug-induced death rate was higher than the Nation's national average that year. In that same year, they had 3,894 admissions to drug and alcohol detox centers with 3,018 completing their detox, 790 dropped out, 83 were terminated and 3 were under other reasons according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The percentage in meth labs that were seized from 2007-2009 rose to 74%. As of 2010, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported that Louisiana's main admissions for entering a drug and alcohol detox center was for marijuana, the 2nd most popular was cocaine followed by opiate use.

Louisiana has programs such as HIDTA that aids in a dozen drug task forces and one that is intelligence-related in the major cities of Louisiana and addresses their important drug threats such as drug smuggling of illicit drugs on their highways, they also have the program Above the Influence which is funded by the Office of Narcotics and Drug Control Policies (ONDCP) that is mainly teen-targeted that helps them support local groups with drug prevention in their communities, they also have the Drug Free Communities (DFC) Program that helps them organize and prevent youth drug use by creating strategies to lower drug use and finally they have the Gulf Coast HIDTA, that helps aid in the installing of a license plate reader system that works throughout their state that helps them support in dismantling and identifying major drug smuggling organizations. In 2010, HIDTA dismantled over 80 drug smuggling organizations. Louisiana as of 2010 had over 40 Federally funded programs to help with preventing and battling drug and alcohol use that totaled $80,230,847 which was reported by the ONDCP.

If you know of anyone in need of a drug and alcohol detox center, Louisiana has 101 located throughout their state. If you or someone has a specific drug and alcohol detox center in mind, it is very important that you really research and explore other treatment centers before you or that someone makes a vital commitment to a specific one.

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