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Rising Drug Use In Maine

Alcohol use and drug use, especially methamphetamine use is a growing concern for Maine. The Department of Drug and Alcohol Abuse noted that the number of teens using marijuana and participating in binge drinking has also increased in the last decade to alarming numbers. Excessive alcohol use is still the leader in substance overuse in Maine.

When you are ready to get drug and alcohol detox help in Maine, there are more than 100 centers that can help you break free from dependency.

Detoxification is the process of removing the chemical toxins that have accumulated in your system from your drug and alcohol use. For many, drug and alcohol use may have already taken a toll on their health, leading to heart disease, kidney and liver disease, problems with their pancreas and even hepatitis. Withdrawal can be painful, depending on the type of substance use, how excessive it has been and the length of time you have been using.

Withdrawal Symptoms

In many cases withdrawal symptoms begin within a few hours of the last time drugs or alcohol was used. Symptoms may appear as severe headache, irritability, nausea and vomiting, fatigue or insomnia, sweating, tremors, convulsions and loss of consciousness. During alcohol withdrawal, some people experience delirium tremens or the DTs which is characterized by violent tremors, delusions and extreme agitation. Seeking assistance in a Maine alcohol and drug detox center can give you the care you need and also keep you safe and uncomfortable.

Drug and alcohol detox in Maine can vary depending on the type of program you need. An inpatient facility will allow you to be a resident for a specific period of time. During your stay, you will go through the detoxification process and get rest while you are there. Inpatient medical detox uses medication to help you stay comfortable while your body recovers.

Alternative Approaches To Detox

An outpatient detox program allows you to go to a facility for day management. Some individuals visit an outpatient program on a daily basis and others visit weekly or biweekly. Some outpatient programs use medication in their detox programs, such as with methadone clinics, which substitute drugs like methadone and suboxone as replacements for narcotic use. Methadone and suboxone lessen the withdrawal symptoms of opiates, however they are still narcotics and if overused for long periods of time have the same potential as opiates for dependency.

If you are interested in more of a holistic approach to drug and alcohol detox, there are centers that can meet those needs as well. For example vitamin and meditation therapy and acupuncture all offer a natural method for detox. However if you have developed severe dependence on alcohol or benzodiapines such as Xanax or Valium withdrawal can be life threatening and it is recommended you seek the advice of a physician.

After your detox is completed, it may be necessary to enter a program that can help you gain control over your life after alcohol and drug use. Freedom Model Retreats offers an educational cognitive behavioral program that empowers guests to take control of their lives and build habits and behaviors that are more in line with their goals. All people can have a life that is free from alcohol and drug use forever.

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