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Maryland DetoxA study conducted by the state of Maryland revealed that more than $240 billion is spent annually on drug and alcohol abuse and in preventative measures. The study further showed that inhalant use among teens is a fast growing concern. As more money is spent trying to help the many individuals dealing with their substance use, there is help available at a Maryland drug and alcohol detox centers offering outpatient medical and non medical and inpatient medical programs.

While detox is not needed for all drug and alcohol users, many will find that the withdrawal symptoms are too painful to go alone and may need assistance. A detoxification program can assist in the process of cleansing your system of the toxic chemicals that are attributed to drug and alcohol use. Withdrawal can be frightening for some individuals and having someone help them through the process is sometimes a comfort.

Depending on the types of drug used and the amount and length of time used, withdrawal symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, anxiety, sweats, anger, convulsions, headaches, loss of consciousness and can be also be fatal. Choosing the right Maryland drug and alcohol detox center is one step on the road to freedom from substance use.

The general consensus is that the most effective process for detoxification is inpatient medical detox. IV therapy medical detox is the best method available and is administered under the supervision of doctors, nurses and technicians. A full health evaluation is taken including physical, psychological and social well being, and a plan is created for your detoxification. IV therapy is effective because it allows the doctors to change the medication for an immediate effect, to meet the withdrawal symptoms and also to keep you comfortable. An upscale private facility will offer private rooms, gourmet meals and massage therapy, which allow additional comfort.

Outpatient nonmedical detox is another type of program available for substance use detox. Outpatient programs allow the individual to visit a center either daily or weekly. Some outpatient programs offer holistically directed guidance such as vitamin therapy, acupuncture or meditation therapy although these protocols can be dangerous in some cases. 12 step programs are another form of outpatient nonmedical treatment. 12 step programs follow the false idea that drug and alcohol use is a disease and that it is not your fault that you use because you have a disease that cannot get over the problem. They offer group meetings, counseling and talk therapy as treatment and advocate that the only way to effectively treat substance use is abstinence. While many people seek the assistance of 12 step programs, 60 to 95 percent dropout because they cannot live up to the programs requirements.

The truth is that you are not diseased. Drug and alcohol use is a choice that you make. Just as you learned to make the choice to use drugs and alcohol, you can learn to make a different choice. Freedom Model Retreats offers a proven effective non-treatment program that helps guests learn to make decisions that are more satisfying and productive. The results are a life that is free from substance use permanently.

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