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Minnesota DetoxMinnesota shares borders with Canada, Iowa, Wisconsin and North and South Dakota. Mexican drug trafficking organizations, independent entrepreneurs, gangs and other groups sell and distribute illicit drugs within Minnesota. Admissions for heroin and opiates combined, increased 14.9% just from 2007-2008. Heroin and opiates made up for 6.2% of treatment admissions in 2008. Minneapolis has had the highest purity rate for Mexican heroin than any other city that was reported to the DEA's Heroin Domestic Monitor Program has been sold with the lowest price per milligram and the main source of heroin in the twin cities is "black heroin". Emergency room visits in the twin cities due to heroin was at 65.3% from 2005-2007. Marijuana related emergency room visits from 2006-2007 increased to 33.8% and had more admissions (3,199) for drug and alcohol detox centers than all other drugs in 2008 reported by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

In 2009, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), reported that Minnesota had 46,963 discharges for people 12 and older who were in detox. Out of that number, 28,617 completed treatment, 3,193 transferred, 9,004 quit, 3,390 were terminated, 524 were incarcerated, 54 died, and 2,181 were under other reasons. Minnesota has a Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) that helps prevent "doctor shopping". Licensed pharmacies in Minnesota are mandated to report to the PMP all Scheduled II-IV controlled drug prescriptions that are dispensed, including those that are for non Minnesota residents and those mailed and shipped out of state.

Minnesota has a Per Se standard law that has a zero tolerance for controlled meds. It's illegal for anyone to operate, drive or be in control of a motor vehicle in Minnesota or upon the ice of any boundary of water when someone has a controlled substance(s) in their system, or that took them knowing that their nervous system, muscles or brain would be affected by making them impaired to drive unless they have a legal prescription for that controlled substance(s).

Minnesota also is a part of the Drug Free Communities (DFC) Program which has 19 of them that are funded by the Office of Narcotics and Drug Control Policies (ONDCP). In 2010 alone, Minnesota had 44 Federal grant awards that totaled $95,867,509 to help individuals to be healthy, have their communities safe and to help reduce drug use and its consequences. Minnesota has 314 drug and alcohol detox centers if you or a loved one in intent on locating one. Before you or that loved one makes an obligation, it is imperative that the treatment center you are interested in is completely researched.

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