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Mississippi DetoxMississippi is not only known for its haunted battlefields, slave plantations, food, music and magnolias, but also for being the "Crossroads of the South" due to its deepwater, river ports, interstate systems and air/rail systems for drug trafficking.

Cocaine, specifically crack, is the largest threat to Mississippi along with the steady increase in the production of meth. Methamphetamine use has crushed law enforcement communities, farmers, local merchants and drug and alcohol detox centers due to the rise in treatment admissions. The need for drug and alcohol detox centers has increased the past few years and are badly needed. Mississippi has 86 treatment centers available if you, a family member or friend is looking for one.

In the counties of Harrison, Hancock, Jackson and mainly Biloxi, they have problems with Vietnamese gangs that are smuggling drugs like powdered cocaine and ecstasy. Narconon reported that the most widely used pharmaceutical drugs are hydrocodone, alprozalam, diazepam, oxycodone, lorazepam, hydromorphone, and rohypnol are being attained in substantial amounts from Laredo, Texas and other Texas border towns. Merchants have been interacting with law enforcement by helping them limit the amount of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine tablets that can be sold and limiting other items that are needed in producing meth but this has also increased shoplifting. The DEA has Mobile Enforcement Team(MET) agents that help support law enforcement officers by helping them pick out major drug traffickers, organizations and gangs that commit murder and violent crimes, they collect, research and share information with the local and state agencies, refine investigations against dangerous gangs and drug offenders, arrest drug smugglers, violent offenders and gangs, seize their assets and give support to the federal, state and local prosecutors.

If you or anyone close to you is thinking of making a final commitment to a specific drug and alcohol detox center in Mississippi, it is very important that you make sure it has been researched in full detail before making that pledge.

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