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Nebraska DetoxMost primary admissions for drug use into Nebraska's drug and alcohol detox centers for 2010 were for the use of stimulants which also included meth as reported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. They have had problems with Mexican drug traffickers, organizations and gangs transporting substantial amounts of meth, cocaine and marijuana to and through Omaha. The Omaha Metro Drug Task Force has reported that Omaha is one of the main four drug markets in the Midwest and that their most vital threats are meth and cocaine, especially Mexican Ice among their communities.

In 2009, Nebraska had 8,378 admissions to drug and alcohol detox centers of which 4,062 completed detox, 234 relocated to other facilities, 3,072 quit detox, 322 were terminated, 135 were incarcerated, 12 died and 541 were under other reasons. In 2011, Nebraska received grants from the ONDCP for 10 Drug Free Communities (DFC) Programs so they could help their youth prevent drug use in their local communities. Nebraska also has the Midwest HIDTA and the Intelligence Support Center that covers 73 counties and the states of Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota and South Dakota. HIDTA actually funds 6 enforcement task force teams that work on the most important drug threats in Nebraska. HIDTA also provides other resources that improves Nebraska's law enforcement, forensic laboratories and prosecution abilities so that they can make impacts on the most serious drug markets, reducing the availability of drugs, organizing regional intelligence efforts, increasing the safety of their officers and enhancing intelligence sharing of information.

If you know of anyone who wants help with drug and or alcohol use, Nebraska has 87 treatment providers available. It is also imperative that you research your options that are available to you so that you can feel safe, confident and comfortable when making that final choice and that fits your needs.

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