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Nevada Detox

Some of the Most Effective Drug Detox or Alcohol Detox Clinics are close to Nevada

Nevada DetoxNevada has had a serious stimulant problem the past few years. In 2008, according to the Las Vegas Sun, Nevadans consumed nearly twice of what the national average consumes in painkillers and ranked fourth in the United States for meth, morphine and oxycodone use per person. The drug of choice in Nevada stated by the Nevada Drug Report Data Source, U.S. Department of Justice, and DEA are: lortab, hydrocodone, xanax, codeine, diazepam, and oxycodone. The main way people are accessing drugs is by forging prescriptions and doctor shopping.

The National Institute of Drug Abuse reported that the amount of opiate prescriptions accelerated from 40 million in 1991 to 180 million in 2007 which was a 350% increase when the United States population only increased by 19%. Our nation makes up for less than 5% of the world's population but is supplied with 99% hydrocodone and 71% of oxycodone. One doctor reported that there is a lot of money in the pharmaceutical industry and that doctors give in to their patient's requests for narcotics because they get a "kick back" from insurance companies by the number of patients they see. There are doctors out there who are prescribing narcotics when they are not needed. No one is sure of why Nevada has so much stimulant use but they think it is because of the night lifestyle, psychological stress causing pain and symptoms, it's a place for transients and people who have no family or support and it has the highest rate of suicides and mental health problems.

In 2007, 515 people died from consequences of drug use. In that year, there were 2,369 admissions to drug and alcohol detox centers in Nevada of which 1,478 finished, 71 transferred, 180 dropped out , 22 were terminated and 618 were for other reasons. In 2010, Nevada was granted $46,367,799 in Federal grant loans that sponsored 34 programs to help lower drug use, gave support to local and state schools,governments and law enforcement agencies. Nevada also has available to them their HIDTA team which is made up of 16 individual task forces, four that are administrative that provides over 20,000 hours of training to those in law enforcement. HIDTA is also responsible for taking down and disturbing drug trafficking gangs and organizations.

If you know of anyone who needs help looking for a drug and alcohol detox center in Nevada, they have over 64 in their state. Before making a decision on a specific treatment center, please explore all your options to the fullest extent so that you will not have any doubts on your final choice.

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