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Alcohol Detox New YorkMore than 2 percent of the population of the United States suffers from excessive alcohol use. Alcohol use is the leader among substance use and nearly a million people struggle with alcohol overuse in New York. Alcohol use in excess can have a debilitating effect on health, immediately and long term and it can impact relationships, careers and finances. As millions of people enter alcohol detox in New York and then eventually rehab, there seems to be a revolving door effect. While many of the programs posit that you have a disease and cannot be cured, that is simply not true and there is hope for you. There is a better way to overcome alcohol.

Detoxification centers across New York, offer inpatient and outpatient and medical and non medical programs. There are detox programs that are private, state and federally funded and provide services for people with or without insurance. Some facilities are community based and others are upscale, private facilities that offer a spa like environment in which to detox and recuperate.

Detox is the process of cleaning the toxic chemicals from alcohol use that have collected in your system. Some individuals may not need detox, but for some, removing the toxins and enduring withdrawal is necessary. Medical detox is encouraged by medical professionals when withdrawing from alcohol use as many people suffer from delirium tremens or the DTs. If the DTs are not treated the individual may suffer convulsions that may be fatal.

Alcohol detoxification can be painful and uncomfortable. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may include high anxiety and irritability, sweating and tremors, nausea and vomiting, irregular heartbeat and increase in blood pressure and hallucinations. It is important to find an alcohol detox facility in New York that can treat the withdrawal symptoms safely and effectively and also keep you comfortable.

Medical detox is available as both inpatient and outpatient. Outpatient medical detox can be found in methadone clinics and maintenance centers, however these types of detox are not detoxes at all – they are replacement centers. Methadone is a narcotic and controlled substance. It is a drug that is substituted for heroin or other opiates to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of their use. This approach is not practical as when you are ready to quit taking methadone you will suffer worse withdrawal symptoms and for a longer period of time. Methadone clinics are funded by the government and there is no encouragement to stop taking methadone. Some people have been taking methadone for more than 20 years, which means that they are still dependent on a drug, it is just not heroin anymore.

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