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Non 12 Step Detox Vs 12 Step Detox

The Difference Non 12 Step Detox Makes

Seeking detox assistance for drug or alcohol use can be challenging. There are so many programs out there it is difficult to know which one is going to be the best solution for you. Very few detoxes are not, in some way, associated with 12 step programs. If you are looking for a non 12 step detox center, here are some suggestions to help you distinguish the difference and find the detox that is right for you.

A 12 step program advocates belief in a higher power, teaches the false idea that substance use is a disease and that there is an addict or alcoholic gene and believes that abstinence and lifelong treatment and meetings are required. Not everyone shares those ideas. There are a few private detox centers available that do not force the 12 step program on their patients.m Rather these non 12 step detox centers focus on responsiblity and self change, and not on the disease theory of addiction. Non private detox centers, especially those that are funded by state and federal agencies usually follow the 12 step program, are usually affiliated with a 12 step based treatment program and require participation in 12 step meetings.

Medical Detox Practices

Many doctors agree that alcohol and drug detox is a medical process and that it should be carried out with medical supervision. While some individuals are able to detox on their own, the severity of withdrawal will depend on the type of substance used, how long the individual has been using and the amount of substance use that has occurred. Some drugs do not build dependency and therefore have little or no withdrawal symptoms associated with them. Some individuals may experience severe withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and certain drugs and if they are not treated appropriately, withdrawal can be dangerous. Consulting with a doctor before you begin detox, could help you determine if you need a medical detox or if you can go directly into a treatment program or rehab.

Medical detox incorporates the use of medication to help the individual through withdrawal symptoms and the detox process as effectively, safely and comfortably as possible. Medically managed detox in a private facility has been seen by some as a better approach because it allows a certain amount of privacy and generally offers a higher quality of care.

Doctors agree that the ideal method for medically managed detox is IV therapy, which allows doctors to change the medication protocol as the patient's withdrawal progresses to allow them the utmost comfort.

Holistic Detox Methods

Non medical detox does not offer the use of medication to assist with withdrawal symptoms. There are some non-medical, holistic approaches to detox such as yoga, meditation, vitamin therapy, saunas and acupuncture. Other non medical methods offer more of an observation approach, which allow individuals to detox on their own, without the use of medication, while being observed.

Detoxification is the first stage to living life free from substance use. Once your detox is complete you may want to consider enrolling in a program that can help you rebuild your life and start fresh. Freedom Model Retreats is not a 12 step program; instead the Freedom Model Program is an educational, non-treatment program. We offer a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that teaches our guests how to self evaluate their choices and to formulate habits and behaviors that are more productive and positive; and that will lead them to a more purpose filled life that is permanently free from substance use problems.

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